100-Days-of-Code such As a Twitter Hashtag me 100 days to the Code will force

For 100 days I want to program an hour a day – and the 100-Days-of-Code to force me to pull this off. On the Plan of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React are. If that works?

The concept behind the 100-Days-of-Code-Challenge is simple. There are only a few rules. After participants have committed publicly, you have 100 days every day

  1. at least one hour of coding,and more
  2. a Tweet with the Hashtag #100DaysOfCode writing, documenting her progress,
  3. with at least two other people who also participate in the Challenge.

Learn something new

If you are a total Newbie or a seasoned outstaffing developer who just want to learn something New, is completely don’t care – can all participate. The choice of the content is left to the participants themselves. A Python Tutorial vorzuknöpfen, is just as legitimate as a set of complex data structures, to learn Git or the process in between with a learning game to loosen up.

Some programming practice can’t hurt!

To deal with me even a little bit handy with the topics I write about here on t3n.de ,, do I need to. Even if I have a little bit afraid of it. 100 days is a long time. On the Plan, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React are. Quasi a Refresher for topics with which I’m already come in contact with. Let’s see what’s going to happen. The Challenge is time-bound. This is not to say, I’m me, today, this or that ready, but to work only for an hour every day intensely on one thing. After one hour of the conclusion is, no matter how it went. No matter how far I’ve come. Me on the shoulder I can tap at the end of the day, however, to have me for an hour of the day dealt with that counts.

Building Habits

The Background is the same as all other 100-Days-of-x-Challenges is to let the program to become a habit. To clean a part of the day which is part of daily teeth or the yoga class every Tuesday evening.

Public required – and if it’s just Twitter

The public Commitment via Twitter to help hold on. Basically, no one prevents me to just quit – the daily Tweet, and the exchange with the other to prevent this but. Optionally, the Challenge is proposing to lead a kind of diary about what worked, what didn’t, and where it just stuck. On t3n.de there will be a weekly Update on how the Challenge runs for me. On GitHub, there will soon be a profile of the projects created during the Challenge.

Track your might Struggle on Twitter. About comrades-in-arms I am, of course, everything there is to know about the Challenge, you can at this point look.

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