12 podcasts for designers and developers

There are tons of tips and tricks for web design and programming online. In this list we present twelve podcasts worth listening to for outstaffing developers and designers – the spectrum ranges from useful to entertaining to exciting.

We like podcasts. In this listicle we have curated twelve exciting formats for the designers and developers among you. The recommendations come partly from the t3n editorial team and partly from our technical team. Thematically, the spectrum ranges from design and web development to Python, cloud computing and hacking to career tips especially for coders and designers.

The Code Newbie Podcast is aimed explicitly at those who are new to coding. The format thrives on interviews with successful developers and discussions about their careers. Once a week there is a new episode in which front-end developers, programmers and software experts talk about programming topics and their careers. For beginners, the English-language podcast is a great resource full of insider tips and facts that breaks entry barriers and motivates. The episodes are about 45 minutes long on average.

The English-language podcast 99 Percent Invisible is very general and very informative about design topics. From museums to architecture and urban planning to visuals, colors, sound design, technology and the web, everything is included. 99 Percent Invisible offers UX and web designers a lot of new input, as well as an occasional excursion into other design realms. The format is hosted by Roman Mars. There is a new episode once a week – the length of which varies between 20 and 60 minutes.

Darknet Diaries is an entertaining, English-language podcast about hacking, data theft, data breaches and software security gaps. The format appears every 14 days. The episodes deal with exciting questions like “What if NASA’s hacking tools got into the wrong hands?” One episode, for example, sheds light on an uncovered Windows security gap and provides insights into internal processes at Microsoft after they have been discovered. The format is hosted by Jack Rhysider and the episodes are between 30 and 60 minutes long.

The English-language soft skills engineering podcast revolves around topics such as code review etiquette, salary increases, layoffs, technical leadership or tips for learning new technologies. The podcast hosts, Dave Smith and Jamison Dance, are both developers with several years of professional experience. The podcast doesn’t offer coding tutorials, instead it aims to help developers take their software development skills to the next level beyond writing code. Most of the episodes are about an hour long.

Working Draft is a weekly news podcast for web designers and developers in German. The team around Markus Schlegel, Peter Kröner, Hans Christian Reinl, Kahlil Lechelt and Christian Schaefer records every Monday from 8 p.m. The moderators offer a live stream accordingly, while listeners can give feedback via IRC chat during the recording. Thematically, everything revolves around current developments in web development such as responsive web design, new frameworks and HTML5, CSS3 and JS. Average length: one hour.

The Ladybug Podcast, hosted by an all-female cast, covers software development and career topics. The three developers Emma Bostian, Kelly Vaughn and Ali Spittel talk to changing guests and each other once a week in English about frameworks, design for developers, debugging or remote work. Most of the episodes in the popular format are between 30 and 60 minutes long.

Talk Python to me is an English-language podcast specifically aimed at the Pythonistas among you. In the now 248 episodes, socially relevant topics as well as tutorials and tips and tricks about the popular programming language in the context of related topics such as machine learning and data science are discussed with changing guests. The episodes are about an hour long on average. There is a new episode once a week.

In the “Where we are is in front” podcast, the two web developers Moritz Gießmann and Constantin Groß talk about interesting things about web design and frontend development. The still young format has been around since the end of 2019. In addition to classic front-end topics such as the LCH color space announced for CSS4, the two hosts also discuss their personal impressions, for example from the 36th Chaos Communication Congress, report on experiences from Brighton or play to their listeners Concluding something on the recorder. The podcast bears the subtitle “Frontend, facts, teasing” – and the two (choice -?) Karlsruhe residents apparently take that seriously. On average, the episodes are around 90 minutes long. There is a new one every 14 days.

The React Podcast is all about React and JavaScript. With changing guests and in English, once a week Host Chantastic explores exciting topics related to web development. It is about GraphQL, PHP, the future of UI frameworks, corporate culture in tech companies and of course React again and again.

Once a week – always on Wednesdays – screaming-in-the-cloud host Corey Quinn speaks in English with cloud computing experts about Azure, AWS, GPC or the Oracle Cloud. In addition to the products, the focus is on innovative startups in this area, cost management, devops principles, open source and the cloud computing industry as such.

The Unusable Podcast deals with topics related to design and usability. The two hosts Andrew Waite and David Ball talk about UX in the meanwhile 15 episodes, in general and in tech. They either rant about bad designs or celebrate innovative solutions that are worth imitating. The individual episodes are about security, accessibility or cultural differences – things that influence design decisions. If you like British dialects and don’t mind the fact that the two speak at a fairly high rate, you should definitely listen. The episodes are between 30 and 50 minutes long.

Software Engineering Daily

Software Engineering Daily is a daily, English-language podcast on software topics. Podcast host Jeff talks to changing guests about topics such as the devops strategy at GitHub, why Airbnb is removing React Native from its tech stack or common difficulties when working with Kubernetes. In addition, again and again cryptocurrencies and blockchain. For the daily dose of geek talk – often with up-to-date coverage – the episodes, which are just over an hour long, definitely provide.

If you miss a podcast in this list that you think should definitely be included: Please let us know in the comments.

This March 3, 2020 article will be updated regularly. Last updated: May 15, 2020.

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