4 steps on the path to Observability


Business success and Customer Experience improve 4 steps on the path to Observability

Observability is intended to provide a complete picture of the internal processes in a System. Klaus Short New Relic explains the challenges and benefits for company, caused by the use of Observability

Company to the topic

The difference between conventional Monitoring and real Observability of the infrastructure is located in the customizable High-Level view.The difference between conventional Monitoring and real Observability of the infrastructure is located in the customizable High-Level view.

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The majority of German company undergoes a minimum of five major Software and system failures per month – if not even more. Often, failures of this type have serious consequences. Nevertheless, not all companies are still a long way to be able to register outages and interruptions to self.

A New Relic in the world, a study on the topic of “More Perfect Software” disclosed that 46 percent of the companies will only be made by customer’s attention to problems. Lack of Observability has therefore not only impact on the IT outstaffing Department. You can have a significant impact on the entire company, the success of the company and the Customer Experience.

Companies must begin, therefore, your Software upgrade, and therefore future security. With a Full-Stack Observability, you can ensure your customers have a satisfactory digital experience. However, to achieve this level of Observability, you need to CIOs and technology leaders understand the topic from the ground up.

The sense of Observability internalize

New Relic defines Observability as “automatic Monitoring of all Software and infrastructure Performance data Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces, in real time, to quickly get a complete picture of the operation and the Performance of the IT stack”. The visualization, analysis, and optimization of all processes at a glance allows us to consider systems at the transaction level and to develop a clear understanding of which elements is faulty reacted and how to fix this error in a timely manner.

Some critics like to stamp Observability as another Buzz-Word, but the results speak for themselves. It is a business, it represents a critical use-case for both your employees as well as their relevance to customers. The companies benefit from the compact representation of their Software Stacks on a solution.

The implementation and management of appropriate IT infrastructure was never so easy as it is today. But it is only situate rarely in one place – rather a great Asset to have developed networks and various storage spaces to the Norm. Therefore, the Monitoring has grown to be a Herculean task.

However, there are ways to create more transparency in the entire Tech Stack. So, companies can establish a modern environment, at the same time allows a full Observability of your infrastructure. All in All, only four steps are needed to overcome the challenges that other Tech Teams are faced with:

1. Modern Monitoring for modern environments

Traditional Monitoring Tools are usually On-Premises. This means that extra resources for adequate Management are required. Through the modernization to cloud-based infrastructures, can Tech scale-Teams faster Software Release cycles shorten, and thus gain a competitive advantage.

Modern environments gates to fully monitor, IT Teams need to assess the condition of the elements in a Cluster, and the Status, metrics, and protocols for specific Container can check. With Observability platforms that are aligned with the Container, will Teams be more agile and can achieve faster Changes to implementations. In addition, secure systems are created, which can reduce the overall downtime.

More proactivity Tech Teams can invest in the future security of their systems, and so the company in the direction of a larger automation to move. Self businesses that make their first steps in the direction of the Public Cloud, they should not be afraid of a modern environment for your Software Rollout to create. Because, the implementation of Observability and Monitoring are necessary pillars for a successful Migration to the Cloud.

2. Customized Dashboards and visualizations for more Observability

Every company is unique and has individual needs, which is reflected in the Setup of the Software and IT infrastructure to resist. Modern Monitoring solutions offer some Out-of-the-Box insights, however, her true strength is in the customization option above and beyond. Finding and fixing problems is easier when the telemetry tailored data on the specific application cases for a specific company or in a particular area is important.

In the modern Monitoring solutions, Dashboards and visualizations that can be customized to match the particular needs of the companies and their business objectives. This offers the opportunity to the development of future customer experiences in a proactive approach, and to be his competition. The Observability platform, New Relic One goes a step further, companies can expand visualizations quickly and without a lot of effort to their own company – and domain-specific requirements.

So you can combine, for example, data from POS systems with real-time telemetry, all of which are shown geographically on a map superimposed. Or surgical team can view the performance of geographically related branches’m a bird’s eye view. In addition, you can go here again in Detail and the performance of individual stores to see if this triggers a warning. So companies New Relic can include performance management with.

3. A culture of visibility

A modern micro-services architecture simplifies implementations, and allows end-to-end visibility across the entire Stack. Usually, Teams have to go between the various Tools that work in other Parts of the stack, and switch. A lot of time is lost and the data silos that can cause human error.

With a detailed and clear Observability platform, however, IT Teams no longer have to focus on the integration of different Monitoring Tools, or to overlook the most critical components. Every aspect of your software environment is to be seen. This view makes it possible to obtain a clear line of sight over the entire System, and to eliminate blind spots.

4. With Observability of increased efficiency and scaling to achieve

It is important, the scale of Monitoring Tools at the same pace as the scaling of the infrastructure. The combination of a modern infrastructure monitoring with AIOps, and other Observability Tools is the key to more efficiency. To be able to reduce the noise, it is necessary to proactive detection of anomalies, as well as the automation of Connections between Events and Incidents. In addition, Observability helps to identify the most urgent problems quickly. By means of meta-data, and enrichment of data incidents can be a lot diagnosed faster and explored. This also has a major impact on the Customer Experience.

Klaus Briefly

Klaus Briefly (Image: New Relic)

In the creation of transparency across the entire Tech Stack, so it’s important to not put Teams in the situation, smarter, to work harder. At the same time, it must be ensured that the business objectives are met. While every company has different goals, requires increasing the complexity of the Tech stack, to understand the relationships and Connections between the various units. The implementation of a single, customizable High-Level view that makes the difference between conventional Monitoring, and Achieve real Observability of the infrastructure. So, it not only creates benefits for the IT Team, but for the entire company.

* Klaus is Short since the autumn of 2019 is Director, Solutions Consulting Central Europe at New Relic. Here he leads a growing Team of Solution Engineers, Solution Consultants, and Solution Architects, customer support in the implementation of its digitization plans. Previously, he worked for 15 years at Adobe, and filled the positions of Business Development Manager up to the Head of Solution Consulting for Central and Eastern Europe.


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