5 things you need to know this week: Tesla’s Vorsprung durch Technik

This time at the Pioneers Breakfast: Tesla’s Vorsprung durch Technik, how the Whatsapp founder wants to make the alternative signal big, the receipt requirement is not a requirement at all, suddenly boss and anticipation of the new JavaScript version.

1. Tesla’s advance through technology

The German car manufacturer Audi has been advertising “Vorsprung durch Technik” since 1971 – but how appropriate is that in times when technology in cars means fewer and fewer gaps and more and more software? The respected Japanese business newspaper Nikkei has completely dismantled a Tesla Model 3 and compared it with the cars of the two world market leaders Toyota and Volkswagen. Conclusion: The electronics from Tesla should be six years ahead of the competition from Germany and Japan.

In addition, according to a recent study, Germans have no idea about digitization. Fortunately for us, Tesla still appreciates German engineering enough to have the fourth so-called Gigafactory built near Berlin – if we let it. The Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court, however, initially rejected the complaints – Tesla is allowed to continue clearing.

The clearing of the pine forest in Grünheide shows how complicated and contradicting environmental issues can sometimes be. Is it really just an ecologically useless pine plantation? I asked experts about this.

2. How the Whatsapp founder wants to make the Signal alternative big

Personally, I collect messenger apps like other stamps: Whatsapp, Threema, Wire, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Signal are all on my iPhone.

Unfortunately, only two of my friends use Signal regularly – Whatsapp and Telegram are the most popular. If I could choose, I would like to handle all messenger communication only via Signal.

Because Signal is open source, pays attention to the privacy of the user and is end-to-end encrypted using a process that has been praised by numerous experts. Incidentally, Signal is supported by one of the two Whatsapp founders, of all people, who was in dispute after the takeover by Facebook. 50 million dollars from his pocket should now make Signal suitable for the masses.

3. Receipt requirement: These apps declare war on thermal paper receipts

The year is now not quite two months old – and the receipt requirement is almost a candidate for the category “What is actually doing …?” On the last pages of the star. From the big protest at the turn of the year against the measure to prevent sales tax fraud, little is now heard.

In fact, the name is actually wrong, because the law does not require any paper receipts. There are now a large number of apps that produce digital receipts. We looked at the solutions.

4. Suddenly boss: This way the promotion doesn’t become a disaster

Suddenly a outstaffing manager – congratulations! And then? Every third person is thrown into the deep end and feels badly prepared. Career editor Andreas Weck has portrayed a young manager who shows how it is done correctly.

5. The practical tip at the start of the week: TypeScript 3.8 provides an outlook on the upcoming JavaScript standard

The practical tip at the start of the week is appropriately nerdy this time: Development editor Kathrin Stoll took a closer look at TypeScript 3.8 – and came across some features that anticipate the upcoming JavaScript standard ECMAScript 2020.

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