5 things you need to know this week: Tesla’s Vorsprung durch Technik

This time, the Pioneers Breakfast: Tesla’s Vorsprung durch Technik, such as the Whatsapp founder wants to make the Alternative Signal is large, the Bonpflicht is no Bonpflicht, suddenly, Boss, and an anticipation of the new Version of the JavaScript.

1. Tesla’s Vorsprung durch Technik

Since 1971, the German car manufacturer Audi advertises with “Vorsprung durch Technik” – but how suitable is it still in times, in which technology in cars getting less gaps and more and more Software? The respected Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei has disassembled a Tesla Model 3 and the cars of the two world market leaders Toyota and Volkswagen are compared. Conclusion: The electronics of Tesla’s supposed to be six years more than the competition from Germany and Japan.

It’s fitting then, that the Germans, according to a recent study, no idea of the digitization. Luckily for us, Tesla estimates nevertheless, the art of German engineering enough to let in Berlin, the fourth so-called Gigafactory to build, if we let them. The higher administrative court of Berlin-Brandenburg has rejected the complaints, however, in any case, first of all, Tesla is allowed to continue in roden.

The clearing of a pine-forest green Heather shows how complicated and contradictory environment can be sometimes. It really is just an ecologically useless pines plantation? To do this, I consulted experts.

2. How Whatsapp founder of the Alternative Signal big to make

Personally, I collect so many Messenger Apps, like other stamps: Whatsapp, Threema, Wire, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Signal are all on my iPhone.

Unfortunately, only two of my friends use regularly, Signal, Whatsapp and Telegram are the most popular. If I could choose, I would handle all Messenger-communication via Signal.

Because the Signal is Open-Source, pay attention to the privacy of the user and is by many experts praised procedures, end-to-end encrypted. Supported Signal by the way, ironically, of one of the two Whatsapp founder, who went after the Acquisition by Facebook in the dispute. 50 million dollars out of his pocket to make the Signal available to the masses.

3. Bonpflicht: This Apps is to say to the thermal paper cash register receipt to the fight

The year is now, not quite two months old and the Bonpflicht a candidate for the category of “almost What happened to…?” the last pages of the star. From the great Protest of the year against the measure, the tax is intended to prevent fraud, and is now hardly hear anything else.

And in fact, the Name is actually wrong, because the law requires no receipt on paper. In the meantime, there are a variety of Apps that produce digital receipts. We have looked at the solutions.

4. Suddenly Boss: the carriage is to be a Disaster

Suddenly Leadership – Congratulations! And then? Any third parties will be thrown into cold water and feel ill-prepared. Career-editor Andreas Weck has portrayed a young Manager, who shows how to do it right.

5. Practice tip to the start of the week: TypeScript 3.8 provides an Outlook on the upcoming JavaScript Standard

Practice tip of the week start time adequately nerdy therefore: outsourcing development editor Kathrin Stoll has looked at TypeScript 3.8 in more detail and came across some of the Features that take the upcoming JavaScript Standard ECMAScript 2020 in advance.

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