5G usage is increasing rapidly

5G usage is increasing rapidly


This year, one billion mobile connections worldwide are expected to be based on 5G. This is what the GSMA expects. This number is also expected to double by 2025. […]

According to GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications Association), the spread of 5G is progressing faster than the previous generation of cellular technologies. According to the recently published “Mobile Economy Report”, the association expects that the sound barrier of one billion 5G connections will be reached globally this year.

However, most of the current connections still refer to frequencies that only allow lower bandwidths. Thus, the possibilities of 5G are not yet exhausted.

Doubling by 2025

In addition, the GSMA expects a doubling of 5G connections by 2025. This would then correspond to a good quarter of all connections, and 40 percent of the world’s population will then live within range of a 5G network.

The adoption rate in Europe is likely to be higher than the global average. The GSMA expects that 44 percent of all mobile connections, especially on our continent, will be based on 5G. In absolute terms, that would be 276 million.

According to the GSMA report, there are currently almost 200 active 5G networks in 70 different countries. This is an indication of the high demand, which is responsible for the rapid introduction. Compared to previous mobile networks, 5G is being rolled out particularly quickly. While neither 3G nor 4G accounted for more than 2.2 percent of mobile connections a good year and a half after their introduction, 5G already accounted for 5.5 percent during this period.

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