5G: Utimaco and Nokia deepen their partnership

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Joint work on future-proof implementations of 5G technology

Finnish telecommunications company Nokia and Utimaco, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, announce that they will jointly develop 5G security solutions for core mobile networks and thus expand their partnership. The combined technology will further improve security in 5G networks, from private campus networks to national networks and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Broadband mobile networks according to the 5G standard have been introduced since 2019 and are now implemented in 24 European countries. The higher bandwidth of 5G networks means that download speeds of up to 10 gigabytes per second are available to users – enough to download an entire Blu–ray disc in five seconds. The combined advantages of high speed and low latency can enable a wide variety of use cases, from 4K streaming and gaming to scientific data sharing, autonomous vehicle control, industrial automation and the creation of networks of IoT devices in homes and cities.
With the proliferation of 5G, regulators in the EU have begun to establish a legal framework for securing cryptographic keys that users can use to verify that other users on the network are who they claim to be. This public key infrastructure (PKI) is used in hundreds of applications throughout the digital world, and Utimaco has been at the forefront of implementing these and many other technologies in telecommunications, government, banking, cloud services, and many other industries.

The security solution offered by Utimaco and Nokia allows networks of any size to integrate user authentication and key agreement protocols from 2G to 5G connections. At the same time, the solution supports quantum-safe algorithms to protect against next-generation cyberattacks. The solution can also be adapted to the specific requirements of communication service providers.

The new solution also uses the features of Nokia Subscriber Data Management to protect customer data and increase the security of end devices.

“5G is not just a faster version of the existing cellular standards. The technology has been developed to fundamentally change the interaction of devices so that cities can connect huge sensor networks and factories can transmit real-time data from their autonomous machines“” says Mario Galatovic, Vice President Products &Alliances at Utimaco . “We have only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible when everything, from the desktop computer to the smart light bulb, can be interconnected with incredible speed and stability. In this development, it is crucial that security protocols are in place that protect the values in these networks.“

Marcelo Cheminn Madruga, Head of Cloud & Network Services Core Networks Technology and Platforms at Nokia, adds: “Given the increasing scale and sophistication of cybercrime, it is imperative to strengthen cyber security within Nokia and with our partners. We are therefore pleased to be able to expand our partnership with Utimaco in order to further develop our security tools together. Combining the benefits of Nokia’s Subscriber Data Management solution with UTIMACO’s HSM endpoint security is a good example of this.”

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