7 out of 10 online shoppers cancel their purchase

7 out of 10 online shoppers cancel their purchase

Long delivery times, forced customer account creation, complicated checkout: 70 percent of German customers do not complete their purchase in the webshop – there are even more mobile customers. This is shown by an analysis of the 100 online retailers with the highest turnover from Uniserv. […]

In cooperation with Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, the customer data management provider Uniserv has analyzed the registration and ordering process of the 100 online shops with the highest turnover in Germany. The study shows that many shops design processes too complicated, which negatively affects the customer experience. The result: 7 out of 10 online shoppers cancel their purchase. Mobile shopping is particularly affected. Here, 8 out of 10 prospective buyers leave the purchase process, for example because registration is required or the data entry is too detailed. But not only the creation of a customer account can lead to consumers giving up annoyed. Often, the entry masks in international e-commerce are not adapted to country-specific requirements. For example, a French address with a line-by-line structure can hardly reasonably be entered into a German entry mask with a structure over fields.

Mandatory disclosure of too much data is a deterrent

And the mandatory provision of too much data also deters buyers: as the study shows, online shoppers have to fill out an average of ten to eleven form fields for the order. More than a third of the online shops surveyed not only ask for the information necessary for order and purchase processing, but also request further information, such as date of birth or telephone number. In addition, gender information is mandatory for 68 percent of webshops. At the same time, however, they do not offer a gender-neutral salutation, although this would be mandatory by court decision since December 2020.

An automatic completion could help here. However, according to the analysis, only 24 of the top 100 online shops currently offer this function. After all, nine webshops integrate the completion only in the field for the street name. Only five online shops offer a good solution here: they reduce the address input to a single address line input, a so-called singleline input or address search input.“It is not only the obligation of the GDPR that suggests that online retailers should offer the option of a guest order. Customers like to have the freedom to choose how much data they disclose about themselves,“ says Jürgen Brunner, expert for e-commerce at Uniserv. “Especially as a new user, you first want to convince yourself of the products or services before you disclose your private data.“The study is based on the ranking of the top 100 online shops of the Cologne EHI Retail Institute and Statista, which were jointly heuristically evaluated by Uniserv and Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.

*Alessa Kästner is a graduate of the Burda Journalism School, volunteered at Playboy and wrote for titles such as ELLE, Focus as well as advertising and selling. Her core topics as an INTERNET WORLD editor: Digital lifestyle, marketing trends, sustainability and social media.

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