85 Percent of the companies surveyed were attacked in the last year

SANS publishes results of the Network Visibility and Threat Detection Survey 2021

The SANS Institute, the world’s leading provider of cyber security training and certification, has announced the findings of its survey of 146 cybersecurity experts on network Visibility and threat detection. 96 of them work for companies with more than 1,000 employees. The most important challenges include staff shortages, visibility into lateral movements in the network and encrypted data.

Cyber attacks on the infrastructure continue to increase, the digital economy continues to grow and more companies are making their way to the cloud. You migrate existing infrastructures and carry out the installation of new systems and applications. SIEM systems are still at the center of efforts to secure the networks. The increased use of endpoint and network detection technologies enables the acquisition of more extensive data points. When security specialists use these tools as a group, often under the name “extended detection”, they gain deeper and more comprehensive knowledge. Concerns were expressed by respondents regarding staffing and skill levels. Combined with the perception of an increasing workload, the concerns about cross-team functionality make it clear how important it is to build better processes within companies.

The main results are:

  • 85 Percent of the respondents had to deal with cyber attacks in the last 12 months.
  • 57 Percent believe that the lack of the right data hinders the investigation of incidents.
  • 49Percent believe that a lack of network transparency poses a high or very high risk for the company.
  • 40 Percent think they have a good overview of their North-South traffic.
  • 19 Percent believe that their East-West traffic is clearly visible.

Ian Reynolds, Study author and SANS Instructor

Ian Reynolds, Study author and SANS Instructor notes: “Given the challenges that organizations have faced around the world over the past year, it is encouraging to see that despite the circumstances, continuous progress and improvements have been made. Good leadership, sound architectural decisions and a basic understanding of where critical data is located will help to build a strong cybersecurity with better insight into your own IT infrastructure.“

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