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Real-time access to historical insights that extend from the endpoint to the edge of the network,

Absolute Software (NASDAQ: ABST) (TSX: ABST), a leading provider of self-healing-enabled zero trust solutions, today announced new features for better IT security. These enable organizations to track and analyze critical performance metrics across endpoints, users, applications, and network connections. With the new Absolute Insights for Endpoints add-on module and the enhancements to the diagnostic and monitoring functions of the company’s Secure Access solution, IT and security administrators have access to historical data from the firmware to the network edge (“edge”). This enables you to seamlessly manage distributed device fleets, enforce security policies, and optimize the experience of remote users in today’s work-from-anywhere environments.

Recent research by Absolute has shown that the majority of companies are planning to introduce some form of hybrid work in 2022. However, IT and security managers continue to face major challenges in managing and securing distributed work environments. More than half (54 percent) of respondents agreed that the biggest challenge in risk management is to have the right technological tools to mitigate risk.

“As companies continue to face the uncertainties of the era of location-independent working, access to data and the ability to gain actionable insights from it has never been more important than it is today,” explained John Herrema, EVP of Product and Strategy at Absolute . “Actionable information across devices, applications, networks and infrastructures is a must to successfully implement zero trust principles and ensure that all employees – regardless of location – can work safely, effectively and productively.“

Absolute Insights for Endpoints provides administrators with a complete overview of their device fleets and provides real-time access to a range of historical inventory and security metrics. These include the operating system patch status, software updates, the status and use of applications, geolocation, user behavior patterns and exposure to sensitive data. Customers can visualize these insights through a series of pre-built dashboards or create custom versions tailored to their internal policies and requirements.

“Since using Absolute, we have a better overview of our endpoints than in the past,” said Ivan Ramon Castillo Morales, Coordination of Tools for User Support at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA). “Insights for Endpoints gives us an even deeper analysis of the devices and our users, helping us to make better business decisions and protect IT investments.“

Absolute Insights for Network (formerly NetMotion Mobile IQ) builds on the existing diagnostic and experience monitoring capabilities available through the company’s Secure Access product portfolio. The new product enhancements enable customers to proactively monitor, investigate and troubleshoot end-user performance issues quickly and on a large scale, even on networks that are not owned or managed by the company. This includes extended coverage of 5G networks (e.g. signal quality, network availability, network coverage and network usage) as well as Windows 11 and ARM devices. In addition, security professionals gain greater insight into the effectiveness of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) policy enforcement (e.g. hosts/websites, addresses/ports, and web reputation blocked by the policy), which allows for immediate impact analysis and further fine-tuning of ZTNA policies to minimize phishing, smishing, and malicious web targets.

Absolute Insights for Endpoints can be purchased as an add-on module for existing visibility, control or resilience service tier customers. Absolute Insights for Network is available as part of the company’s Secure Access product line (formerly NetMotion by Absolute).

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