Adobe offers free tools for creative production in the cloud

Instagram posts and stories, website illustrations and other creatives can be created quickly and easily with Adobe Creative Cloud Express – even by users without graphic or Photoshop skills. The use is free of charge. […]

Among creatives and publishers, Adobe products are often considered the Mercedes among software tools: good, but expensive. Hardly any graphics professional can do without programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Lightroom. And this supremacy can be well paid for by Adobe. For an account in the Adobe Creative Cloud, 50 euros per month are quickly due.

For beginners for whom this is too expensive, Adobe is now making an offer with the Creative Cloud Express, which is completely free. It contains an extensive library of templates for all kinds of purposes, from Instagram posts to advertising flyers. This includes 20,000 premium fonts and 175 million licensed Adobe Stock images. The Creative Cloud Express is based on the previous tool Spark, which is being replaced by it.

For users without graphic know-how – or with little time

According to the company, Creative Cloud Express is primarily aimed at users who have little or no prior knowledge of graphics and imaging software. If you want to crop an image, for example, you can do this with “Remove background” with a mouse click. The results are quite decent, even if a good graphic designer can do it better with a little time. However, for many smaller jobs, Adobe also sees opportunities for professional users to get things done faster than with complex desktop programs.

Without Adobe specifically mentioning this in its press release, the Creative Cloud Express has another advantage. Especially in larger companies, employees are usually not allowed to install their own software on their company computers as they see fit, they need the support of in-house IT for this. Since the Creative Cloud Express works completely without local installation, it works on any computer with a web browser. Free apps are available for smartphones and tablets.

Of course, the “free culture” at Adobe also has its limits. For example, the content of the stock photo library is limited, premium content costs money.

*Frank Kemper joined the team in 2001 and headed the print edition of INTERNET WORLD BUSINESS from 2013 to 2020. The graduate of the German School of Journalism in Munich can look back on over 30 years of editorial experience and has been online for almost as long.

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