After a fine, Google now has to change its cookie banner…

After a fine, Google now has to change its cookie banner…

…and Europe will receive a “Reject everything” button, which is also clearly visible. […]

Google introduces new options for rejecting tracking cookies in Europe. The EU Data Protection Act, which is similar to the Swiss Data Protection Act, rates the current status quo as a violation of the legislation.

At the beginning of this year, Google was fined 150 million euros for this – specifically, there was talk of “confusing wording in the cookie banners”.

Previously, Google allowed its users to accept all tracking cookies with a single click, but forced them to click through various menus if they wanted to reject them altogether. This disparity, according to the French data protection agency CNIL, was illegal because it led users to accept cookies, which ultimately benefited Google’s advertising business.

To change this circumstance, the new cookie banners from Google become clear and equally elaborate choices: reject everything, accept everything or other options (for more detailed control).

The new menu will be displayed in Google Search and on YouTube, unless the user is logged into a Google account. If this is the case, the tracking options can be adjusted via a separate menu.

Google Product Manager Sammit Adhya says in Google’s in-house blog (engl.”We have started with the introduction in France and will extend this experience to the rest of the European Economic Area, Great Britain and Switzerland”. The changes will follow “shortly”.

*Florian Bodoky is a neo Apple user, audio enthusiast, PCtipp YouTuber, tech bargain hunter and coffee machine overachiever

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