Alleged hack on Coca Cola – pressure of ransomware groups grows

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By Lothar Geuenich, Regional Director Central Europe/DACH at Check Point Software Technologies

Ransomware is and remains the biggest driving force in the current threat landscape facing businesses around the world.

Lothar Geuenich, Regional Director Central Europe/DACH at Check Point

Now it is said to have caught the next giant: the Russian Stormous ransomware group claims on its website to have exfiltrated data from soft drink manufacturer Coca Cola. Previously, the criminals had asked their fans and followers to select the next target for an attack via a survey on Telegram. They claim to have managed to penetrate the company network undetected and, according to their own statements, to have smuggled out about 160 gigabytes of data. They are now offering this alleged loot to interested parties for sale – for 16 million in Bitcoin or 64,000 US dollars.

It is still unclear how and whether the criminals actually managed to carry out such a data robbery. However, Coca Cola has already announced an investigation and informed the relevant authorities. In the event of an actual data leak, however, it would only be a confirmation of a continuing trend: compared to the first quarter of last year, weekly attacks on companies in Europe have increased by 16 percent. In Germany, more than 100 companies are confronted with ransomware attacks every week in the first quarter – this corresponds to 23 percent more than in the previous year. Accordingly, companies must adapt to the trend and secure their own infrastructure. As long as ransomware groups continue to successfully infiltrate companies and as a result the malware-as-a-service market flourishes, it is not a question of whether companies are attacked – but when.

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