Amazon Echo: New features are coming to Alexa

Amazon Echo: New features are coming to Alexa

Since November 2021, Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa has been able to hire a male voice in addition to the well-known female one. Now we continue with the innovations. […]

Owners of Amazon Echo devices can now choose a new activation word for the voice assistant Alexa. It is Ziggy and is now the fifth wake-up word in the bunch next to Alexa, Computer, Echo and Amazon.

Ziggy & Co. can be made the activation word, regardless of whether the female or the male Alexa voice is active. The only restriction: changing the Alexa wake-up word and thus also selecting Ziggy only works on Amazon’s own Echo devices, not on devices from other manufacturers.

Individual changes

After all, individual changes are possible on Echo devices. So you can assign a different activation word to each of these devices. To change it, simply go to the settings of the respective device in the Alexa app. If Ziggy has not yet appeared there, just wait a few more days: Amazon is gradually updating the Echo devices.

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