Android 12L: Google brings the feature update for Android devices


Android 12L – the latest update is especially exciting for large screens. But there is also something else in the quiver. […]

Google has introduced Android 12L – the search engine giant is breaking new ground with this. Actually, the new major update comes in the fall with an increasing number of versions and monthly security updates in between. For large and foldable displays, however, a solution had to be found already. Thus, Google introduces two-column layouts and other optimizations for large screens throughout the system, especially in the Quick settings and in the notification panel.

Also there is a taskbar for devices with a large screen. You can tap apps to open them or drag the icons to one side of the screen to then operate multiple apps in split-screen mode.

Some Google–owned apps are said to have already been adapted to this feature. There will also be a simple interface that will allow other app developers to adapt the apps accordingly.

The animated GIF shows how to drag an icon from the taskbar to one half of the screen to open the app there and place a second one next to it (c) Google

Android 12 L will initially be rolled out for Pixel phones in the course of March – but otherwise, above all, foldables and tablets will be equipped with the latest Android.

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