Anima Mentis: The “data-driven” fitness center for the soul

Anima Mentis: The "data-driven" fitness center for the soul


Anima Mentis aims to strengthen mental health and prevent mental exhaustion with scientific approaches and data-centric technologies. The innovation service provider Zühlke provided technical assistance. […]

Gyms have become an indispensable part of the everyday life of many and contribute to our physical well-being. However, mental fitness is often neglected. Anima Mentis has developed an offer for people who have recognized mental strength and psychological well-being as an essential success factor in their private and professional life planning.

With the “Fitness center for the Soul”, Anima Mentis has developed an innovative solution in cooperation with Paracelsus University and based on state-of-the-art medical methods. It uses data and artificial intelligence (AI) to strengthen resilience, satisfaction and performance and, for example, to prevent burnout. The idea behind it is simple: knowing how a person reacts to various stimuli and events, one can make guesses about future behavior in similar situations and prepare for them.

“With our entire range of services, we pursue one goal: to optimize the well-being and mental strength of our customers,” says Peter Kirschner, CEO of Anima Mentis. “We knew from the beginning that we had to do this in two ways: analog and digital.“ Together with innovation service provider Zühlke Austria, an app and a cloud-based AI platform were developed for this purpose. As a result, a wide range of biometric, medical and context-related data can be quickly analyzed in the in-house center as well as on the go. The knowledge gained from this serves as a starting point for the experts to create a tailor-made treatment plan. “The checks are a mixture of traditional procedures and sensory physical screenings,” explains Kirschner, who is a doctor himself.

Special attention is paid to safety

With Zühlke, Anima Mentis has found a strong innovation partner with technological expertise and proven experience in the health sector. “At Zühlke, we attach great importance to data security. This is particularly important in the healthcare sector. That’s why we use state-of-the-art encryption, starting from Microsoft’s own platform standards, up to self-developed functions. This ensures that all data and processes are always protected,“ emphasizes Albert Frömel, Industry Lead Health and Life Sciences at Zühlke Austria. Customers also have a unique holographic identification solution at their disposal, which can be accessed via a QR code – so the data remains completely anonymous.

A 360-Degree View of Mental Health

The data obtained during the sessions provide insights into how patients react to different scenarios, situations and experiences. In addition, reactions, emotions and parameters can also be shared with the experts in self-service via the app when you are not in the center. By connecting the app with wearables, this data can be enriched with additional vital values. “The app is the heart of the collection of our data,” says Peter Kirschner. “It gives us access to their vital signs – such as heart rate or respiratory rate – but also to the context in which they are. For example, if one of our patients is on his way to an important meeting, he can communicate this in the app and explain the reasons for certain behaviors and reactions.“

“Thanks to the collected parameters, the medical experts at Anima Mentis can define which situations are good for you and which should be better avoided,” explains Frömel. “This paves the way for a personalized treatment plan that can be continuously adapted based on contextual and biometric data. As soon as the first alarm signals are shrill, countermeasures can therefore be taken immediately and burnout and the like can be avoided.“

Digital solutions in the healthcare sector are the future

“The real doctors will always have the last word, but one thing is also certain: digital solutions will play an increasingly important role in the health sector in the coming years. They simplify complex analyses and support diagnoses,“ says Kirschner.

“By outsourcing manual analyses using cutting –edge technologies, doctors have more time for direct patient contact and can concentrate more on their core tasks again,” concludes Frömel.

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