Apple: EU Covid certificates will soon be directly integrated into Wallet and Apple Health

Of course, there are already apps for the Covid certificates. In the near future, it should also be possible to integrate EU certificates into the wallet app and Apple Health. […]

German iPhone users will soon have the opportunity to have their Covid certificate not only in the official apps available so far, but also to integrate it into the wallet of the iPhone and Apple Health. com! professional was able to attend a health briefing from Apple, at which this was announced.

Many will surely wonder why they should do this if they have already installed the certificate app anyway. Now the wallet from Apple is quite convenient and can be called up quickly and easily if necessary. But the integration into the Health app is also interesting. If the healthcare provider allows it, a verified health record with the Covid-relevant information can be created. This health record information can then be shared with a third-party app. But only if you allow it and only for once. As a concrete example, the Covid data required for the flight could be easily transmitted to an airline in advance.

Easy addition of the certificate

Adding the certificate with the iPhone is very easy. Open the camera app and then go to the QR code in the viewfinder. The iPhone recognizes the code and then displays a message in the Health app. (see picture) There you can then click on whether the certificate and the data should be added to Wallet and Health. There can be multiple certificates on one iPhone. This is useful, for example, for families with children.

Privacy and Security

As Apple announced at the briefing, the data remains locally on the device. Apple itself has no access to it. The Covid data can also only be accessed if you authenticate on the iPhone using a Face ID or PIN.

These innovations come for all countries in which the EU Covid certificates are approved. Apple did not want to give an exact date. It is speculated that this could be the case with iOS 15.4, which has now gone into public beta. We have also already written about the beta of iOS 15.4.

*Patrick Hediger has been working at Online PC Magazin since 2006 and is editor-in-chief there. Since 2015 he has been Head of Online editorial at NMGZ and also for and responsible. At the German Ebner Media Group he works in the editorial team of com! professional. Before joining Online PC, Patrick Hediger worked for the publisher and Migros Presse. He was also part of the Network Week’s editorial launch team.

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