Apple prepares two augmented reality devices for 2022 and 2025

Apple Glass realidad aumentada

Despite the numerous announcements of WWDC 2021, one of the great absences from Apple’s presentation event were undoubtedly the more than rumored augmented reality devices those that have already been confirmed have been working for some time

For some time now we have seen how Apple was consolidated as a firm believer of this technology, contrasting with the vast majority of current companies, making a strong investment in the implementation of these capabilities in their mobile devices through ARCore, surpassing even the first leadership of Google in this field.

However, despite the silence of the giant of Cupertino, the latest rumors seem to point to a not-so-long wait. And is that their own statements about an arrival in the” coming months”, as they share from Mac Rumors, the well-known filterer Ming-chi Kuo now adds a more concrete space of time, placing Apple’s first ad within the second quarter of 2022. Although it does not cease to surprise us that the first announcement of the company within the field of augmented reality, will not be an augmented reality device to use.

According to the research report, Apple supplier Genius Electronic Optical, is working on a prototype of what will be a full mixed reality headset, geared towards a more VR-focused primary use. And is that the augmented reality market will continue to be in charge of the already advanced Apple Glass, a common-looking glasses equipped with Genius smart lenses.

Unfortunately, in terms of these augmented reality glasses, it seems that we will see a new delay that move your presentation to at least 2025. A wait that, although quite long, does not have to mean the cancellation of the project, as we have seen on previous occasions, and even with other products still unpublished as the smart cars of Apple and Hyundai.

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