Argo Workflow, events, CI and CD for Kubernetes in the AI environment

Open-Source AI applications, and Jobs Argo Workflow, events, CI and CD for Kubernetes in the AI environment

The project “Argo” is a part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and allows, therefore, a close cooperation with other services, not only for Kubernetes. Examples of this are the links to the identity-Framework “Spiffi” or the security software “Falco are”.


The Emblem of the CNCF Project
The Emblem of the CNCF Project “Argo,” a play on two meanings of the name Argonaut: it is named a ink fish species and at the level of the 50 heroes of Greek mythology are meant, which went on the ship Argo to Colchis, to steal the Golden fleece.(Image: CNCF)

The CNCF project consists of different Parts. “Argo Workflows” is, so to speak, is the main component. It is an Open-Source Container-based Workflow Engine for orchestrating parallel Jobs on Kubernetes. The Tool is implemented as a Kubernetes CRD (Custom Resource Definition).

Multi-step Workflows can be depicted as a sequence of tasks. Also, dependencies between tasks, with a “Directed Acyclic Graph” (DAG) set. CI/CD Pipelines are built natively on Kubernetes executable. The Tools from the project are also used very often in the AI/ML-environment.

Projects are integrated with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), to profit the advantage of the possibilities of the Foundation, which is connected to the Linux Foundation. In addition, the projects work together in many cases. Examples of this are the security software, Falco, the Container Framework Spiffi and the Workflow Engine, Argo.

To use the Kubernetes Workflows, events, CI and CD

The project Argo supports Admins to define in Container environments and Workflows. Through the support of Kubernetes developers and administrators with Continuous Delivery can implement. Also events along with Kubernetes to implement.

The focus of Argo is to deploy Cloud-native applications and Workflows on Kubernetes. Argo works with “gRPC”, “Prometheus”, “Nats”, “helmet” and “cloud events”.

Generally speaking, Argo consists of four different Parts. In addition to Argo Workflows are: “Argo-Events”, an event-based dependency Manager, “Argo CD” and “Argo Rollouts”. Thus, declarative GitOps-based deployments of any Kubernetes resource use.

Rollback and SSO

Argo is to help developers and administrators to use a variety of Tools, such as, for example, “Jenkins”, to applications with Kubernetes, but that all transactions are processed with a Software (Argo). Thus, the project Argo and its Tools is far more than just a Pipeline with continuous Integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) offers.

Through Single Sign-On (SSO), role-based access control (RBAC), additional Audit and security functions, as well as the concentration of the different Tools that can Argo also be used in large environments with multiple clusters, and a variety of applications. The scalability also allows for use in AI/ML environments.

Developers can deploy with Argo their application to multiple clusters, but also their applications in a Central monitor and troubleshoot. To do this, no sign-in on Kubernetes is necessary. Argo CD is automated in this area, including the Rollback of applications.

* The author Thomas Joos fills “Toms Admin-Blog” tips and Tricks, can help administrators well.


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