As Developer, team masters guide

As new leaders to come better As Developer, team masters guide

Who rises from the ranks of a Dedicated team of developers at its tip, it is not always easy. One is faced with various challenges that don’t exist for people who are joining in from the outside. However, internal movers also have some advantages.


New to the Team, and yet well known to all: This is a constellation of the change of Management offers many advantages, but also some of the necessities.New to the Team, and yet well known to all: This is a constellation of the change of Management offers many advantages, but also some of the necessities.

Transferred to Department head and founder of the company, provides the management of a team of employees from the company’s own ranks, and some of the benefits. Goose, especially for the field of software development, as there is a deeply human, coherent functioning prevails in spite of the enormous digitization degree often.

For the experience and human relationships, which are formed in the course of many months and years out, there simply is no adequate replacement. From the Team at the top of ascended colleague knows every single member of the team. He knows their Strengths and weaknesses, and know, what is the motivation measures for whom in vain the best.

In this way, a management change, which many of those points of Friction avoid, which are always to be feared if the new team leader comes from outside. However, the rise of dangers. New head of developer teams have a need to know, you and master to master your Transformation from team member to leader.

1. The tonality maintained

In most developer teams an exceptionally dissolved, downright relaxed atmosphere. Typically expressed by a distinct Duz-culture, perhaps supplemented by a variety of rituals, slang words, and the like. Many new managers believe that they need to distance themselves in all respects thereof – in the assumption that a friendly Encounter would be a hindrance, the necessary authority to this build.

Just that is wrong. Authority in these Teams, especially through technical Expertise and strong relationships with the members. The loose tonality through less interested in, down-to-earth approach to replace, would be a deliberate collapse of the previous collegial, low-threshold relationship to equate.

In the case of the other developers of the fatal impression that the new leader was suddenly “one of them would most likely”. This would confirm one of the biggest Concerns in this type of change in leadership. As a result, here is applicable to the contrary rule should do: Just continue and continue as before. This is the healthiest method to obtain this vital relationship with the band for the Team to maintain.

2. A particularly great attitude as a point of contact to maintain

Even if, in the digital field, the hierarchies are among the flattest of all the professions, there is always a certain Gradation. And who owned it over the years to a Team knows exactly how they think about the further management of the Department and company; also, what are the Worries, Fears and troubles, click here.

Such intimate knowledge is not only valuable, it is valuable. Because of the fact that the new leader was recently even to this circle, she knows its views, not only in Detail, but to take care of her self. Not least because there are, of course, some developers now have the expectation that your new supervisor, should not be too eager to ignore, at least not completely.

In General, the mean, with the Team soon after the start of work and after that, regularly Meetings. In Persona, the preferred procedure is. Where this is not possible due to spatial separation, should be used with the possibilities of video telephony in the picture and the sound, the feeling of belonging is much more than just over the phone, or even via communication distanced methods such as E-Mail, or group chats.

In these Meetings, it should go to one of the following:

  • The new leadership should address topics that you know from your time as a member of the team.
  • All members should have the opportunity to be open and honest with your wishes and criticism.
  • The Manager should inform you about what is feasible, what the state of things – that the Meetings should be held on a regular basis.

Especially the last point is of Central importance: The Team must not get the impression that his words go into the Void. It’s a real loop must be created. This also means that the new leader should at least try, suggestions and requests for higher-level Places.

But Never should be made for short-term popularity points of promises that do not comply with it.

3. New ratio-Claims in the Team staking

A well-coordinated Team work harmoniously with each other on a professional level. This does not mean, however, that anyone can suffer from each of the kitchens, as well. Of course, closer and less close ties arise also in the small Developer Teams, determined by human and professional and dislike.

This means that the new leadership will be able to suffer some of the team members have more, others less well. This is the strongest need is to take from the Usual distance. Because a good team leader knows neither minions still he has against any other (open) antipathies.

Here it is so necessary to his relationship with the entire Team to align. Not just with words, but also in the entire behavior. Otherwise rapidly a team of internal competition, which can damage the climate in a sustainable way. In particular, with the well suffered, but the new leaders should look to the private conversation and to explain to you why you need to in the future, sober behavior.

4. Delegate the responsibility will

Depending on the process model, the Team is working, and even in the case of no special roles effects Scrum model is done, the new leader in it earlier, you were particularly good or you got too, just the most frequently assigned. Now, inevitably, someone else will take over the Team, these tasks now, perhaps, also as a newbie in the group.

Here’s the next big threat to the new leadership force is then: It is exceptionally light and alluring, this Person not only look, but maybe even significantly more likely to intervene actively, as it would be in terms of the new Position is advisable.

Understandable, that’s all, after all, it is the former-to-day business. However, the emphasis should be on “former”. Who will now take over leadership responsibility, not concerned simply with the Details of day-to-day business:

  • The current leadership tasks that, realistically, there is little room for.
  • The person who does the work, it seems most likely that he wouldn’t perform its task properly. In addition, he is disturbed at his approach time and again.
  • On the Team it seems so, as could not let go of her new Manager, would distrust.

So maybe it also hurts, but the new team leader is, therefore, not fail to delegate all the tasks he has dealt with earlier in the Team. He can stand as a point of contact, can give advice. More, however, only drawbacks.

* Alicia Egger is a personnel consultant. Her professional focus is on human transformation processes within the company to run as smoothly and effectively as possible.


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