Atera introduces essential tools for MSPs

Atera stellt essentielle Tools für MSPs vor

Checklist for Managed Service Providers

Checklist for Managed Services Providers

The best way for a Managed services Provider (MSP) to maintain a high level of service is to use the right MSP software and tools that make this five-star support as seamless as possible. Modern tools support integration, so companies have less to manage. Thus, it is possible to optimize the processes instead of slowing them down by juggling with an overloaded tool set. What tools are essential for MSPs today? Atera presents the most important categories:

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

Remote monitoring and management is the cornerstone of the MSP business. With the right RMM tool, MSPs are able to leverage real-time monitoring and alerts to gain insight into their customers ‘ operations. Alarms can provide insight into system resources and provide valuable information about Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, VMware, and other resources.

The best RMM solutions do not stop at alarms. With the right onboarding for each new customer, MSPs can set up automation that allows them to intervene even when they are not active. This can include IT hygiene, scans, updates or performance improvements.

Patch Management

More recently, tools like Atera have embraced patch management automation, providing a valuable built-in bonus for the RMM while expanding your security footprint. The best Patch Management solutions can be applied to individual groups or devices and use either scheduled or On-Demand-Patch-Updates. Of course, only MSPs know what their customers need most. Atera is known for offering custom scripts that allow users to script, execute, and track any maintenance task, so that even granular or niche-limited customer requirements are met quickly and flexibly.


To take customer device hygiene to the next level, remote access software enables customer troubleshooting even when MSP employees are not in the same location. Each MSP likes to work differently, and therefore provides customers with different options, all of which are integrated into the all-in-one SaaS.

For full remote access, Atera works with three industry leaders: Splashtop, TeamViewer and ScreenConnect. MSP employees can manage devices and clients from any device, so they can work on the go and chat directly with any customer via a live chat toolbar.


Professional Services Automation (PSA) helps MSPs manage their customers from a central dashboard, giving them visibility into their contacts, service level agreements, tickets, contracts, and more. At Atera, the PSA is linked to the RMM, providing technical alerts and device information, streamlining operations and ensuring employees have all the information they need for world-class customer support.

Reporting Software

State – of-the-art RMM and PSA tools come standard with reporting software that automatically captures valuable metrics on customer satisfaction, employee efficiency, support utilization, and more. At the same time, users can use this granular reporting system on a less macroscopic level to log all commands and activities issued at any given time in a central database. This ensures traceability and traceability and makes it possible to use historical data to improve performance or to revisit information for training or troubleshooting purposes.

Online Backup

Data security is no longer a “nice to have”, but a must for compliance and customer data protection. The MSP trick box should include data archiving, file recovery through a hybrid environment, and continuous up-to-date backups and restores.

Powerful anti-malware detection

MSPs should give their customers the option to opt out of traditional signature-based recognition. These antivirus tools are often too limited and attack too late. Intelligent firewalls, privacy shields and AI-based detection are the security solutions of the future.

Warranty Management

Expired devices and certificates represent an extremely high risk. Continuous warranty queries are essential and should be cloud-based and lean without requiring additional installation.

A Documentation Platform

The combination of all data and documentation of the customers is the icing on the cake of the MSP offer. Whether it’s managing passwords, standardizing support processes, flexibly tracking assets, or retrieving and organizing data from third-party integrations, a documentation platform makes customers ‘ lives easier.

Everything under one roof

Who knows what the future will bring for MSPs around the globe? Many see AI and machine Learning as the “Next Big Thing” when it comes to Remote Management, Professional Services Automation or remote monitoring and maintenance.

For today’s MSPs, Atera believes it is crucial that they can tick off all of the above in the most efficient way possible. A tool that can handle all these tasks is immeasurably valuable. It will limit complexity, ensure seamless communication between the business and technical sides, and serve as a strong differentiator against the competition.

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