Atlassian: Forge – New App Development Platform


The Forge app development platform allows developers to deploy apps on the Atlassians Cloud. […]

Atlassian’s new Forge app development platform is now available. Developers can use it to host, operate, secure, and scale apps for businesses of any size within the Atlassian Cloud.

Reasons for developers to use Atlassian’s new platform are according to the manufacturer:

  • Simplification-sophisticated and reliable app development in the cloud thanks to easy handling.
  • Enterprise Security-accurate overview of apps ‘ access to data.
  • Better solutions for teams-faster app development can drive collaborative innovation to improve collaboration.

Atlassian also highlights the scalability of apps created with Forge. While it is often a considerable effort even for experienced developers to make their apps fit for corporate use, Forge apps work almost automatically, because they run on the same infrastructure as Atlassian’s cloud products and can therefore, according to the manufacturer, meet the requirements of large customers from day one.

For more information about Forge, check out this blog post by Mike Tria, Head of Platform at Atlassian.

* Bernhard Lauer is a freelance editor of dotnetpro and is responsible for the section Basic Instinct. With Visual Basic, he has been programming privately since version 1.0.

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