“Autobahn police Simulator 2” sold 100,000 Times

Reason to Cheer with the developer of Z-Software and Publisher are Aerosoft: The “autobahn police Simulator 2” on the PS4 is a full success.

In the run-up to the one-year-old consoles anniversary of the “autobahn police Simulator 2” reported Aerosoft 100.000 sold units on the PlayStation 4. The “mix of Action and Simulation at the ‘autobahn police Simulator 2’ has proven to be full”, such as Z-Software managing Director Andreas Heldt describes it happy.

To be a success, the power of the Publisher Aerosoft particularly proud of, because the outstaffing company is usually more on PC-games. The “autobahn police Simulator 2” was also the first step in console to invest titles.

“The ‘autobahn police Simulator 2’ shows that our simulations will arrive very good at the console audience,” Says Winfried Diekmann, CEO of Aerosoft. “Encouraged by this success, we want to expand our presence in the console market and are very excited to see how the players will react to our this year’s new releases.”

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