AWS and Salesforce Launch New Offering for Content Providers

AWS and Salesforce Launch New Offering for Content Providers


The joint solution is designed to help companies deploy, scale and personalize high-quality video streaming subscriptions. […]

AWS and Salesforce enable the compilation of individual subscription packages (c) Salesforce

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce have announced an offer that combines powerful video streaming technology with tools for analyzing audience data and feedback. Content providers should be able to create more scalable and personalized user experiences.

The global offering is based on Salesforce Customer 360 and the Salesforce Media Cloud for subscriber lifecycle management, with AI-supported personalization, customer data(management) and data analysis, as well as the AWS functions for media, data, analytics, AI and machine learning. The technology simplifies the management of subscribers from registration to new service functions, according to the information provided by the providers. It enables payments, authorizations and the marketing of content. It also supports the delivery of more targeted, dynamic advertising and improves customer interaction and campaigns to strengthen customer loyalty.

Content providers should benefit from the following advantages

  • Better integrated, personalized experiences: Content providers can personalize audience experiences, drive subscriber acquisition, generate additional revenue, increase customer loyalty and retention, and improve their customer service. For example, a subscription streaming service can recommend new pay-per-view content and, for example, suggest the special for a motorsport championship to car lovers among customers. At the same time, new content delivery models – such as live streaming – can be integrated in addition to the existing subscription services.
  • Higher customer loyalty through deeper insights into audience behavior: Content distributors gain deeper insights into the interaction of subscribers with the content, such as click paths or the allocation of likes and dislikes for content recommendations. These insights help to improve marketing campaigns and turn users into permanent subscribers. For example, the marketing of a fitness video service that detects that a subscriber’s activity is slowing down can offer them new courses from their favorite trainer to get them excited about the service again.
  • Configurable platform supports shopping experiences: Content distributors can customize the user experience, for example through scalable content-based e-commerce functionalities or personalized advertising. For example, a brand can place a relevant product in a video stream and allow viewers to buy it while watching the video.

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