AWS expands Vienna site with a “Local Zone”

AWS expands Vienna site with a "Local Zone"


Amazon Web Services (AWs) has announced the opening of a local zone in Vienna. This complements the previous Edge location in Vienna and enables latencies in the single-digit millisecond range. In total, 32 new local zones will be established in 26 countries worldwide in 2022. […]

AWS Local Zones provide infrastructure for selected cloud services such as computing power, storage capacity, and databases near large population, industrial, and IT centers. AWS customers can use it to deploy applications that require single-digit millisecond latency near their end users or on-premises data centers and thus use basic AWS services locally in the pay-as-you-go model. In addition, you can benefit from a seamless connection to your other systems and applications in a nearby AWS region. The COMPUTER WORLD asked Michael Hanisch, Head of Technology at AWS Germany, about the local zones.

What is an AWS Local Zone?

The higher the maturity level of the customers in their cloud usage, the more applications they want to move to the cloud. At the same time, operating your own data center is very time-consuming. To do this, you can use AWS infrastructure, which we place in certain locations. The Local Zone in Vienna is connected to the nearest AWS region in Frankfurt and offers a range of services locally. This allows us to go more broadly.

Which industries does AWS address with the Local zones?

Ultra-low latency applications are important for every business and industry to provide a seamless user experience. The majority of AWS customers achieve sufficient latency and performance when using an AWS region. However, for applications that require ultra-low latency, you prefer an AWS infrastructure that is closer to your end users or your existing data centers. With an AWS Local Zone, customers can offer their end users performance with latencies in the single-digit millisecond range – for remote real-time games, the creation of media and entertainment content, live video streaming, technical simulations, augmented and virtual reality or machine learning at the edge – keyword Industry 4.0.

What are the costs for customers?

Since AWS manages and operates the local zone, customers in Austria incur no costs and no effort for the procurement, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure in Vienna. For customers with data residency requirements in Austria, the AWS Local Zone enables them to run parts of their applications in local data centers. You can connect to the AWS Local Zone over the Internet or use AWS Direct Connect. This cloud service connects the enterprise network directly to AWS, providing consistent, secure performance with low latency and transferring traffic over a private AWS network connection.

What is AWS’s strategy with Local zones?

The AWS Local Zone enables public and private organizations, startups, and AWS partners to deploy a new generation of low-latency applications to end users – while benefiting from cost savings, as well as the scalability and high availability of AWS. With the new local AWS zones, we are expanding our investments to accelerate innovation and provide customers with a cloud infrastructure at other locations in Austria.

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