Barracuda chooses SentinelOne: Cybersecurity for MSPs at Machine Speed

Atera stellt essentielle Tools für MSPs vor

AI-supported XDR for MSP security solutions

SentinelOne, the company with the autonomous cybersecurity platform, today announces that Barracuda Networks, Inc. a close partner and leading provider of cloud-first security solutions, has chosen the Singularity XDR platform to help managed service providers (MSPs) to fend off, detect and autonomously respond to threats at machine speed with AI-supported XDR.

Barracuda protects more than 200,000 customers worldwide and protects their data and employees from threats. The decision was made in favor of SentinelOne to strengthen the endpoint protection and response portfolio due to the superior API capabilities, flexible workflow integrations and efficiency of the platform. The integration allows MSPs using SKOUT Managed XDR and SentinelOne to benefit from optimized incident analysis, detection and reporting.

“Security teams face the challenge of monitoring and protecting every corner of their network, but are drowning in data and alerts,” says Neal Bradbury, SVP, Barracuda MSP. “There are not enough qualified employees to operate cybersecurity products on a large scale. Our alliance with SentinelOne will enable MSPs to stay one step ahead of attackers and combat intrusion attempts in real time.”

Through the functions of the cybersecurity platform, companies benefit from XDR – more preventive measures, faster response times and automated workflows in their dynamic, technology-related perimeter. This replaces traditional antivirus solutions (AV), next-generation antivirus solutions (NGAV), endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and a variety of point products with the AI-powered Singularity XDR platform.

“Every place where data is located is vulnerable, from the device to the server to the cloud,” says Brandon Andrews, VP Worldwide MSP, SentinelOne . “The combination of SentinelOne’s AI-powered XDR and Barracuda’s SKOUT Managed XDR helps MSPs address security vulnerabilities and simplify their cybersecurity stack by eliminating the inefficiencies associated with legacy and crowd-powered solutions.”

To learn more about how to leverage Singularity XDR’s capabilities in a cybersecurity stack, visit the SentinelOne Singularity Marketplace.

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