Beat Saber: update on Oculus Quest 2

Beat Saber: update on Oculus Quest 2

Popular music game Beat Saber from the company Beat Games received the update for all platforms and Quest 2. First and foremost, the main interest was the integration of the long-awaited mode with high frame rate of 90 Hz on the Oculus Quest. Previously Beat Saber was available for up to 72 Hz.

Refresh rate is an important parameter that affects the smoothness of the image. To compare the smoothness of the picture and the impact of frame rate on Pimax – the software allows you to change the resolution ratio frequency. At the maximum image 8K, unfortunately, enjoy fps games will be impossible.

This option is severely curtailed on a standalone headsets. This is due to the insufficient capacity of performance of processors. However, the second Quest XR2 equipped with a processor from Qualcomm that allows you to run games in higher quality.

Another new feature this team project is support for the Oculus Group. This means that users who have You as a friend can instantly go to a private lobby and play together.

Also changed the No Fail mod: now, even with perfect game you can not obtain a grade above “C”. In addition, Beat Saber has undergone some visual improvements and other minor bug fixes, including: fixed fireworks display on the results screen, the obstacles are now visible to other players in a multiplayer game.

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