Beech IT: Software becomes more complex and secure


According to a survey by the Dutch company Beech IT, no larger company can do without external programming capacities in the future. […]

In the coming years, software development will be confronted with ever greater complexity and rapidly increasing security requirements. This is a result of the current report “IT Trends of the 2020s”, which the Dutch company Beech IT has carried out. According to this, 46 percent of experts expect a sharp increase in complexity and 61 percent expect increased security requirements. In addition, 66 percent expect “extremely high scalability”; this means that the programs must be able to cope with a jump in usage.

Study leader Edward Lenssen, CEO of Beech IT:”The gap between the increasing requirements for software and the resources for programmers to develop this software is widening.”As a remedy, he points to two developments:” We need more powerful tools for developing software and more and more companies will access software services from the Internet because they themselves do not have sufficient development resources.

“For example, 68 percent of the experts surveyed in the study expect that software development supported by artificial intelligence (AI) will prevail in the next few years. 65 Percent even assume an increasingly independent AI development. “Artificial intelligence helps, but it does not replace human programming performance for the foreseeable future,” says study leader Edward Lenssen. 52 Percent of experts are firmly convinced that the demand for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will increase sharply in the future. In this case, the functionality is obtained via the Internet instead of via own programming. 57 Percent even see a trend towards the Platform-as-a-Service model; the complete software platform is used via the Internet.

The survey commissioned by Beech IT revealed other key trends in software development: Agile software development (68 percent), rapid prototyping (65 percent), lean software development (42 percent), generic software development (39 percent), web apps (38 percent) and hybrid apps (34 percent). 37 Percent of the experts assume an increasingly integrated development of software across different functional areas, such as content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce shop and intranet. 47 Percent expect the permanent integration of content management systems into company IT, 41 Percent the standardization to the programming language Typo3. 59 Percent of respondents consider it important that a high-performance code is created despite increasing requirements, so that the programs run quickly.“

These are all conflicting requirements,” says Edward Lenssen, explaining: “The programs should be developed quickly and run quickly. They must be complex and yet safe. They should integrate all aspects as far as possible and yet be slimly programmed. These are each counter-poles and companies will have their hands full to meet only a fraction of these requirements. Without the use of external programming capacities, no group or large medium-sized company will be able to develop its software to the extent necessary to remain competitive on the market.“

Beech IT

* Bernhard Lauer is a freelance editor of dotnetpro and is responsible for the section Basic Instinct. With Visual Basic, he has been programming privately since version 1.0.

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