BehavioSec expands portfolio with another industry innovation

BehavioSec erweitert Portfolio mit einer weiteren Branchenneuheit

User Behaviour

SaaS-based solution

BehavioSec, industry pioneer and security technology leader for behavioral biometrics and continuous authentication, is expanding its patented technology and BehavioSense platform with a SOC / ISO-compliant, hosted version and a cloud-native SaaS version. With these new releases, more organizations can meet compliance and cloud requirements, support smooth multifactor authentication (MFA), and gain access to the most advanced behavioral biometric technology on the market, previously reserved only for the largest banks, e – identity providers, and online retailers.

The company is adding a policy-compliant, hosted service and developer-wide, SaaS-based solution to its portfolio to support digital transformation and bring its advanced behavioral biometric technology to a broader market for authentication solutions

According to the recently released July 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection, “the convergence between online fraud detection (OFD), identity verification, and authentication continues. Many organizations use OFD capabilities to mitigate the risk of identity verification and authentication operations. The report continues: “Banks are increasingly using vendor-hosted or SaaS solutions for transaction monitoring, an OFD feature traditionally used on-premises in banking environments.“ (1)

With the increasing use of biometric technology, more and more companies are turning to hosted and SaaS-based solutions. The new SaaS version of the proven BehavioSense platform is the first on the market to offer comprehensive behavioral biometric data for MFA in this easy-to-use self-service form. Unlike other SaaS-based solutions that specialize only in web interfaces or typing, for example, this new platform incorporates the company’s deep insights into device types and human interactions to identify users during the authentication process.

“As more and more organizations undertake digital transformation projects, deploying solutions that deliver accuracy, protect privacy, reduce friction – while being agile – is critical, “said Ed Amoroso, founder and CEO of analyst firm TAG CYBER and former chief security officer at AT&T.” This is especially important for organizations with continuous delivery models for their online services or those concerned about insider threats in our current remote/hybrid work environments.“

The new SaaS package is more than a simple port – it’s specifically designed to streamline the BehavioSec API and feature set to provide transparent and password-less MFA, reduce step-ups, and replace legacy technologies such as knowledge-based authentication. While the new service works seamlessly with one-time passwords, it can also replace them entirely. One-time passwords and SMS codes are notorious for their added cost to both businesses and consumers, frustrating user experience, and – more recently – vulnerability to the rising trend of 1SMS fraud.

For fast time-to-value, the new SaaS version offers a leaner SDK for easy deployment and integration with Identity & Access Management (IAM) platforms already implemented in customer environments to protect businesses, consumers, or employees.

“The vision at the beginning of this project was to bring this powerful technology used by the largest financial institutions to a wider audience that needs a digital identity protection solution that ensures both compliance and privacy,” says Jordan Blake, VP of Products at BehavioSec. “And it is not enough to make them available. It must be highly operational and user-friendly to provide high value.“

In addition to the new SaaS version, the commercial version of the vendor-hosted BehavioSense service offers sophisticated fraud detection departments the full breadth and depth of BehavioSec fraud prevention technology in a Type 2 SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant environment. While the company’s software-based BehavioSense platform has always been fully cloud-compatible for use in customer environments (including public cloud), this release comes after the company announced in April that it had received Type 1 SOC 2 certification and met related requirements.

Today’s announcement follows successful 300 percent growth in 2020 and a number of company developments in the first half of 2021, including the appointment of a new chief revenue officer, significant platform updates, and recently granted patents. As the company continues to invest in technological innovation and the expansion of its go-to-market capabilities, tripling the platform into a portfolio provides a foundation to provide customers with greater flexibility with multiple packaging and licensing options tailored to customer needs and incremental deployments.

The new BehavioSense SaaS platform is now available in a “controlled release” version, with general availability scheduled for later this year. A free version of the product, which gives developers instant access, can be requested online on the BehavioSec website. Customers who

(1) Gartner, “Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection” Akif Khan, Jonathan Care, 12 July 2021

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