BMC brings new Helix functions for more context and intelligence in modern IT

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Improved visibility and management

BMC, a provider of software solutions for the “Autonomous Digital Enterprise” (ADE), today announced new operational management functions and capabilities for the BMC Helix solution, which are aimed at increasing decision accuracy and reducing the mean repair time (MTTR) through early detection, operational intelligence and resource optimization.

New features improve performance, visibility and accuracy for business transformation decision-making

The BMC Helix Discovery solution gives customers instant visibility into hardware, software and service dependencies across multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments, including the ability to securely and efficiently identify Google Virtual Machines that do not have public IP addresses. In addition, companies with mainframe resources can gain deeper insights into the dependencies and interactions between components and distributed resources to enable more effective modeling, resulting in improved decision accuracy and service assurance. Intelligent integrations complement the discovery information with rich inventory and dependency information from third-party data sources, such as application performance monitoring tools (APM) and configuration management databases (CMDBs).

Improves performance and availability

The integration capabilities of the new BMC Helix Operations Management solution enable AIOps to leverage service models that improve situational and root cause analysis to quickly resolve event alerts and accelerate MTTR. In addition, service modeling reduces complexity and accelerates time-to-value with an innovative, automated blueprint-based function.

Predicts future resources for business needs

To improve proper resource dimensioning and align with future business needs, the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization solution uses advanced analytics that accurately forecast the growth of business drivers with existing capacity. Dynamic service model integration increases the visibility of the business service state through a comprehensive consolidated view of application and infrastructure data. Additional features increase decision accuracy when planning on-prem-to-cloud migrations to reduce time, complexity and costs.

“With the introduction of cloud, containers and DevOps processes, today’s IT environments are
in constant change,” says Margaret Lee, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Service and Operations Management at BMC . “By constantly innovating on the BMC Helix platform, we support our customers on their ADE journey by improving visibility, management and availability for more accurate decisions and better performance.”

About BMC

BMC works with 86% of the Forbes Global 50, as well as customers and partners around the world, to shape their future. With our history of innovation, our industry-leading automation, operations and service management solutions and our unmatched flexibility, we help companies free up time and space to become an “Autonomous digital Enterprise” that seizes the opportunities ahead of it.
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