BMC innovations provide more data transparency and faster mainframe DevOps implementation

Gelöschte Daten und digitale Forensik: ein Blick hinter die Kulissen

Mainframe DevOps

Cross-platform transparency and context improve service quality and accelerate software deployment

BMC, a leading global provider of software solutions for the “Autonomous Digital Enterprise”, announced new features and integrations in its BMC AMI (Automated Mainframe Intelligence) and BMC Compuware portfolios. Together, the innovations help customers improve service quality and accelerate software delivery by providing greater data transparency and context-based insights into their IT environments.

Higher service quality with better data

The BMC Helix Discovery solution now automatically forms and visualizes service dependencies in mainframe and distributed environments using application network connection details sent from the BMC AMI Ops product. In this way, users can prioritize problems according to the possible impact on the business. The additional transparency and cross-system context help companies solve service problems faster and improve service quality.

The new BMC AMI Ops integration with Splunk, in conjunction with the BMC AMI Security integration, enables a comprehensive collection of enriched security data, operational and performance information that is visible to security and operations teams. This shared visibility, along with a larger frame of reference, allows teams to uncover and investigate threats that might otherwise have gone undetected before impacting business services.

“The mainframe also plays an important role in the future of digital business,” said Chris Steffen, Research Director, Security and Risk Management, Enterprise Management Associates. “Development teams need to have the visibility to prioritize issues impacting critical services and continuously improve the software delivery cycle. A mainframe-including topology and actionable software development metrics give teams the insights to make fact-based decisions.”

Accelerate DevOps transformation with new key performance indicator metrics (KPI metrics)

According to a Forrester study, “the ability to capture software development KPIs has become an important part of a development team’s modernization efforts.” In order to be successful in the digital transformation, it is crucial to select modern mainframe development tools that can capture meaningful process key figures such as quality, speed and efficiency.

Managers of development teams often lack insight into the behavior, processes and applications of developers, which makes it difficult to manage the teams.

BMC Compuware’s zAdviser solution is the first solution to provide mainframe DevOps analytics for companies developing mainframe code. It is also the only solution that collects data on how mainframe developers develop their code and what features and functions they use at different stages of the software development lifecycle. With BMC Compuware zAdviser Analytics and the new KPI dashboards for ISPW, Topaz and Topaz Total Test, development teams can optimize the customer experience with new KPI metrics. These metrics also give managers of development teams the transparency and actionable insights to reduce errors, speed up the software deployment process and drive DevOps transformation with modern development tools.

It is just as important to prevent the theft of access data and insider activities. To help organizations respond to malicious events before a compromise occurs, the BMC AMI Security expert now enables organizations to secure privileged users and credentials on the mainframe via their preferred External Security Managers (ESMs) – so security teams can see in real time who is accessing z/OS®, when and how.

According to BMC’s 16th annual Mainframe survey, 40% of the companies surveyed see human resources and their skills first. BMC has launched a new training and certification program for mainframe customers and partners. The “Curriculum” includes both free and subscription-based self-study courses, ebooks and webinars on BMC AMI, BMC Compuware and Control-M for z/OS solutions, as well as on the mainframe platform and infrastructure. New courses and certifications are published monthly to support mainframe users and to expand their skills for the mainframe of the future or the mainframe modernization.

The survey also shows that 92% of executives and technical professionals worldwide consider the mainframe as a platform for long-term growth and new workloads. These new innovations enable companies to consistently deliver high-quality customer experiences.

“Our mainframe customers tell us that improving the quality of service is the main concern for them,” said John McKenny, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Intelligent Z Optimization and Transformation at BMC . “The new features we announced today will help you get one step closer to the visibility and insights you need to achieve your digital mainframe transformation goals.”

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