Board game Publisher Asmodee buys Online platform for Board Game Arena


2020 digital Board games had an enormous attendance. Asmodee draw conclusions, and buys one of the most well-known representatives in the area.


To 600 percent of the membership of the Board Game Arena 2020 is increased. To support this growth and its further project development, the platform has joined Asmodee, so the operator. On Board Game Arena, many can be digital versions of Board games played. The French Board game-giant Asmodee has a Digital Department, which implement in-house productions virtual, but Board Game Arena is to continue to act independently. Details of the purchase were not disclosed.

The Head of Strategy Asmodee Thomas Koegler says to the Acquisition: “Our growth is based on one essential principle: the best game experience for consumers to offer and our brands to the widest possible audience. A platform that allows players from around the world to meet their favorite games to play together and discover new games, is a tailor-made accessory for our great catalog of Board games. ‘Skull’ and ‘Splendor’ will be in the coming weeks, the first of a long list of Asmodee Releases on the platform: We hope that the game will be consumers of pleasure!”

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