Books for language learning JavaScript from scratch and not only

The study of programming books may seem like a crazy idea, as changes to the front end happen very quickly. This is especially evident in the case of JavaScript. JS was not, and often do not like a significant part of the developers. In spite of ω, however, is not as bad as a few years ago, I can say that with the prospect of their own for 5 years.

JavaScript evolved in the full sense of the word, and a lot of books, several years ago, can be simply outdated. How many programming logic doesn’t change much, Yes, the ECMAScript standard is still being developed. Some time ago recommended free materials for learning Front-End in Russian with Tom walked Js courses.

There are, however, people for whom the study of the book, as structured better than training with courses, videos and texts available online. I am not able to understand that, in some sense, it saves time to create your list, and order learning courses, or check online.

In the study of electronic books (on one half of the book is a pdf copy of the code in another editor), maybe it’s not very convenient.

I have prepared for you a list of books, for those who prefer this form.

Free books for learning JavaScript

First and foremost, I recommend you look into free materials. Great collection of free books – pdf files and e-books you will find on the website: If you prefer a paper or Polish translation below are books that have a Polish edition.

1. You don’t know JavaScript

Kyle Simpson, Javascript

First in the list should appear of the iconic books You don’t Know JavaScript. Kyle Simpson-this is the kind of face JSa and at the same time is called literally the embodiment of the spirit of open source.

Perhaps it is sufficient to say that his books in the English version is available for free online on github! Have been translated into several languages, including Polish language – the name of the series: Secrets Of The JavaScript.

Also keep reading order together with their Russian counterparts, because it is not always the translation of the title is reminiscent of the original:

  1. Up & Going (On the way to knowledge)
  2. Scope & Close (Ranges and circuit)
  3. this & Prototypes Object (The this pointer and prototypes of objects)
  4. Types & Grammar (Types and Syntax)
  5. Async & Performance (Asynchroniczność and Performance)
  6. ES.Next & Beyond (ECMAScript 6 and beyond)

Books for learning JavaScript

2. JavaScript and jQuery. Interactive WEB page for each.

JavaScript and jQuery book

Manual Front-End Developer (development team) this series, aimed at people completely starting the adventure with the creation of websites interentowych. Very beautifully published, with color illustrations. Jon Duckett has created a well-known and recommended the book to begin with – HTML and CSS. Create and design a website. Another position of this author – JavaScript and jQuery. Interactive WEB page for each is one of the most commonly recommended for all kinds of groups on JSa, so could not be enough, and in this contrast.

3. JavaScript: The Good Parts

The photo above acting in the role of the meme: vs JavaScript JavaScript the good parts. The book titled ” JavaScript: The Good Parts, under the Polish title known as JavaScript strengths this is a set of structured interesting facts, tips and examples of effective code written in JavaScript. Though not thick, contains a very concise, full concrete knowledge.

4. Eloquent JavaScript

the book is about javascript

5. JavaScript. Programming advanced.

book cover javascript

The only book by Polish author in the opposition. Written with humor and no nasties translation (the fact that the market for books it is a big plus). Thomas Jakut (aka Comandeer) is a “solid company” itself. JavaScript. Advanced programming despite the title, this book treats narzędziowo JS. Frequently organizes the chaos of code, greatly promotes the BEM methodology. This is not a book about Javascript, and about everything that you write code in JSie connected.
Aimed at people who Js-Ohm already know, it is even possible that they work as youth or even regularzy (a server that JSie writes, because I have a lot of this reading will be). It is worth noting not to expect from this book a textbook on advanced JSie, or rather, of the text with the perspective of a developer who wants to share their thoughts and practices around the topic.

6. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

A book about design patterns in JS, even though it has the Polish translation, I decided I ought to find it here. Was released by o’reilly, but it can also be read for free, online at the website of the author.

7. Refactoring. Improving the structure of existing code.

the book of javascript Refactoring

Very fresh this year in the Polish language Refactoring. Improving the structure of existing code. Finally, the translation of “Refactoring” Fowler. Writing readable, clean, maintainable code is not easy, and methods of refactoring is much more than rewriting code. I think one of the most important books in the world of it in General. If istaniałoby overview of the legendary books, this Refactoring, of course, that this list was next landmark positions Software Craftman whether Clean code. First published in 1999, showed examples in C and Java. A new edition was written in Javascript, which is undoubtedly a sign of the times.

8. Secrets Of The Javascript. Guide ninja.

Secrets of the JavaScript book

The book “Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja” this position is aimed at people that programming was something, and now I decided to learn JavaScript from scratch. Is zrówno questions regarding programming, object-oriented and functional in JSie, putting on their understanding and entering into the more intricate details.

This is one of the best selling items on Amazon. As always, first I recommend the original, but there are also translations into Russian – Secrets Of The Javascript. Guide ninja however, it must be borne in uwadza that the translation, by the way, just bad.

Let me know what books have helped you to learn Js and their worth for you to add to this list!

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