Breakthrough in Agile and Change Management

Agile methods and the associated Change Management find it in more and more companies are well-received 51 percent of the company always, mostly or sometimes on Agile, shows a study by Bitkom Research.

More than half of the companies in Germany regularly uses agile methods to develop new products or services quickly and on-demand. 22 percent do this, however, never. This is a representative survey by Bitkom Research on behalf of the IT service provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) revealed.

Change Management helps many businesses to support their initiatives to modernize their IT and development. Accordingly, more than half of companies (54 percent) uses appropriate methods, an increase of 18 percentage points compared to 2017, as the study found, for the first time, the question then. In large companies with more than 500 employees, more than two-thirds (69 percent) rely on Change Management methods.

But which is the division coordinated actually, it change management? Most often it is the IT Department (40 percent), a special digitisation unit (38 percent), business management (27 percent) and corporate communication (25%, multiple answers possible). Half of the large companies (53 percent) has its own digitization unit, or a specific set of change Manager.

“We are witnessing a Transformation in time-lapse,” says Dr. Kay Müller-Jones. “What seemed to be the beginning of 2020, unthinkable, is now almost Standard: All corporations are working in a home office. Team meetings, and even the exhibitions and conferences are held virtually.“ Especially often, this applies to Team meetings to (90 percent), an increase of 14 percentage points compared to the previous year. Flexible working hours (89 percent) also increases by 14 percentage points.

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