Business Apps, trends in development

Business Apps, trends in development

We are asked What are the trends of Apps for the coming years, and the reality is that, lately, enterprise Apps are booming.

Some business verticals, especially around healthcare, automotive, payments companies or better known as Fintech, are interesting examples of how some traditional sectors are modernizing.

Specifically, the integration of mobile applications with the IoT or “Internet of things”, is one of the areas in which companies have begun to experiment and will be a trend in 2016, modernizing their infrastructures and renewing their processes and services. The implementation and return on investment of these projects, it is however uncertain and experts say, that it is a good practice to learn from the experience gained during the last years, through the adoption and implementation of systems based on mobile Apps, taking into account, that both the development and the maintenance of the same, is not a trivial task, and that in order to achieve success, it is imperative to have with specialized companies.

Another trend in the company is the development of apps for Tablet. Although the sale of devices in tablet format is decreasing, the tablet remains an essential tool in the company. Commercial teams, technicians or support engineers, currently base much of their work on applications running on a tablet, obtaining the versatility of a large screen, the convenience of a dashboard, a comfortable data entry system, and the lightness and mobility of the device, compared to traditional archaic systems.

Many companies have already transformed their CRM, ERPs, product catalogs or even developed a Mobile commerce system, which has changed the way their employees work, decreased infrastructure costs, streamlining processes and increasing sales. It is not trivial, Gartner’s statement, which has predicted that by 2020, more than 40% of sales organizations, will work entirely exclusively through mobile technology.

On the other hand, everything related to Wearable technology, is fashionable. From bracelets and watches, to T-shirts, jackets and other devices. The fact of being able to integrate sensors, services, and being able to be permanently communicated with the user, opens the doors to a large field of business to be exploited, allowing decisions to be made in front of the user in real time and alerting them through notifications.

Another booming sector, and one of the largest growth potential, is mobile commerce. After the success that traditional e-commerce is experiencing in recent years, the next natural step is mobile commerce. Those who have already given it, are obtaining spectacular figures, and the possibility of having personalized data of each of your users or buyers, is of vital importance to improve sales , driven by a better knowledge of each user profile and the possibility of creating offers, cross-sales or loyalty programs adapted to each of them.

In short, companies seem to have realized that the future of their business involves modernizing and applying new technologies, especially based on mobile applications, and this is something that is not easy to implement, at least at the level of design, excellence, performance and support that these business-type Apps need. A good mobile development team imperatively needs a good software architect, a good design team, expert developers in each platform, and in most cases, an expert in server technology (backend and Saas services), necessary for Apps to work properly.

Therefore, it is increasingly important to have specialized teams and companies, with experience and that offer the guarantee that they have the capacity to carry out this type of projects. Companies that ultimately become a technological partner, sharing the objectives of the company, more than a simple service provider.

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