ByteDance formalizes its partnership with Qualcomm in the XR

ByteDance formalizes its partnership with Qualcomm in the XR

When it comes to virtual and augmented reality, Qualcomm does not want to put all its eggs in Meta’s basket alone. At his conference for the 2022 edition of the Mobile World Congress on February 28, Cristiano Amon, CEO of the chip designer, reaffirmed his collaboration with other players in the sector, such as Lenovo, Microsoft or ByteDance.

He even gave the floor to Liang Rubo, CEO of ByteDance, who appeared on video to formalize the partnership between the two companies, both in terms of hardware, software platforms and development tools. The Chinese company is best known for its TikTok application, but in August 2021 it also acquired Pico Interactive, a manufacturer of virtual reality headsets that has been able to make its place over the years, especially in the B2B market in Europe.

Pico’s devices already used Qualcomm processors (like all the products on the market), but reaffirming this relationship strengthens the American’s grip and above all allows it to have other big names than Meta to put forward.

Indeed, if the latter is very clearly its best success story at the moment with the Meta Quest 2, Qualcomm cannot rely solely on it, especially since it probably has velleities of independence (it has for example recruited Hiren Bhinde, who had managed the development of the Snapdragon XR2). And who better as a competitor of Meta than the one who is already giving him a hard time in the social networking market.

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