Change of management at NTT Ltd. in Austria

Change of management at NTT Ltd. in Austria

From February 2022, Nora Lawender, who as Country Managing Director was responsible for change management and restructuring, will hand over the management to Roman Oberauer. […]

In her position as Country Managing Director at NTT Ltd. in Austria, Nora Lawender has dedicated herself to the realignment of the company and change management. This included, among other things, the sale of the telephony business in the small customer segment. The new strategic orientation of the company was also an important part of their activities. In addition, Nora Lawender also led the company through the challenges of the Covid19 pandemic.

Roman Oberauer brings extensive leadership and technology knowledge through his previous tasks. Oberauer, who has already been with the company for four years, is already involved in all important strategic decisions of NTT Ltd. as a member of the Executive Board. His ultimate goal is to create added value for customers on the basis of innovative and sustainable services. The focus is on making the concentrated global know-how of NTT Ltd. available in Austria.

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