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Gil Shwed, CEO of Check Point, presented the progress in the field of IT security and threat prevention

Check Point recently held its annual customer and partner event CPX 360. At the three-day online event, the new Quantum Lightspeed technology from Check Point was presented, which is the fastest firewall in the world and offers a twenty times better price-performance ratio than the competition. In addition, the first rebranding of Check Point in almost 30 years was presented and an overview of the planned innovations for 2022 was given.

Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO of Check Point

In his keynote speech entitled You Deserve the Best Security (You Deserve the Best Security) spoke Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO, at the beginning of the event about the comprehensive restructuring of the company, which arose in response to the post-COVID era and the increasing dependence of the world on the Internet: “Now, more than ever, the online puzzle needs to be safe. The sophistication of the attacks is constantly increasing. We experience Generation V attacks every day: attacks on the supply chain, ransomware threats that can paralyze a hospital or an oil pipeline for half of the US regions, and extensive vulnerabilities, as we saw with Log4J just last month. If we look at 2021, it was one of the most difficult years in terms of IT attacks.“

You deserve the best security is also the motto for the company’s new logo and marks a strategic push by Check Point, which is pushing companies to implement comprehensive security solutions capable of fighting the cyber pandemic: “All attacks by 2021, from Solar Winds to Log4J, were multi-vector attacks of Generation V. In the face of such threats, companies can no longer afford to compromise only on security. The second best is not enough. The second best does not work. The second best solution leads to an incident,“ says Shwed.

He said that the consolidating Check Point Infinity architecture is the basis for the work of Check Point. It offers a unified solution for every possible threat, based on three pillars: Quantum for securing the network, CloudGuard for complete cloud security and Harmony for securing users and accesses, no matter where they are, which platforms they use and how they connect. All this is based on the Infinity Vision Management software and the ThreatCloud, which, as a digital brain, connects all the elements and ensures protection against all threats in real time and across all vectors. Shwed added that Check Point Infinity is the only architecture in the industry that offers this great security coverage of all attack paths: “Mobile, network, enterprise email, web server, endpoint and cloud. It is the only AI technology that LOG4J blocked on the first day.“

The new Quantum Lightspeed firewall technology for data centers is a sign of Check Point’s determination to confront the evolving threat landscape, after the company’s 2022 year-on-year comparison revealed a 50 percent increase in IT attacks on a global average compared to the previous year. The new solution is the result of a collaboration with ASIC developer Nvidia, a company that has been working with Check Point for a long time.

“Quantum Lightspeed represents the latest innovation in our Quantum portfolio and aims to kick-start the biggest network security revolution in more than a decade through increased throughput, ultra-low latency and better value for money,” said Shwed.

Dr. Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer of Check Point

Dr. Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer of Check Point, sees the introduction of the Nvidia graphics processor with its improved computing power as an important part of the company’s efforts to use artificial intelligence (AI) on a large scale to secure networks in order to provide the best real-time prevention of Gen-V attacks. She commented: “We must always be one step ahead of the emerging threats. For this, we need an evolving technology that can detect threats and keep up with them. That’s why we’re integrating AI into our next-generation firewall. We are making progress ourselves in using GPUs to speed up AI calculation.“

Itai Greenberg, Head of Check Point Product Management

Itai Greenberg, Head of Check Point Product Management, talked about the plans for the year 2022 regarding the three product pillars. On the network side, he explained the developments in the Quantum product family, focusing on the new Quantum Lightspeed Gateway: “Quantum Lightspeed redefines the price-performance ratio. We now offer more than five times the performance of the previous gateway generation.“ At CloudGuard, he discussed the latest developments in securing cloud DevOps environments and highlighted that Check Point was the only cloud security solution provider that offered preventive protection against the Log4J vulnerability in December 2021. For user access, he emphasized that Check Point Harmony actually combines five solutions and offers a consistent security experience, while other vendors offer several products for different types of endpoint threats and vectors. He also explained how the Harmony Connect SASE solution is ideal for mixed IT environments, with branch networks, remote users and contractors using unmanaged equipment to give everyone the best level of protection.

Maya Horowitz, VP Research at Check Pointin her keynote Hacking Like a White Hat Witch spoke about the cyber power of security researchers and how Check Point uses this power for good. Horowitz also spoke about companies that look the other way when it comes to cybercrime: “If you ignore it, if you don’t learn anything about it, then you can’t protect yourself.“
Oded Vanunu, Head of Product Vulnerability Research, spoke about blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in his talk Inside Your Crypto Wallet. He commented that blockchain is “certainly not a passing trend” and is “in many ways a revolution, much like the Internet when it was first conceived.“

This year’s CPX 360 also welcomed external speakers such as TikTok’s Chief Security Officer Roland Coultier and eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt, who gave a keynote speech on what it takes to be the best. On the last morning of the event, there was also a conversation with the famous actor, social media luminary and activist for justice, George Takei, in which he shared his insights about IT security and the rank-like nature of social media.

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