Check Point Harmony Mobile prevents malicious files from being downloaded

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Check Point announces the most comprehensive IT protection against mobile IT threats with the new version of Harmony Mobile, which prevents the download of malicious files. Harmony Mobile is the first solution for such threats among the leading providers in the industry that prevents the downloading of contaminated files to mobile devices. The new version adds additional security features to Harmony Mobile, such as vulnerability assessment in the operating system, advanced defense features for Samsung devices, or easy-to-manage HTTPS testing. It should thus offer the most comprehensive mobile IT security.

The new version of the leading solution against mobile IT threats can now block the download of contaminated files to mobile devices and thus prevent such IT attacks against companies

Due to the global shift to remote and hybrid workstations, employees are increasingly using mobile devices to complete important business tasks or to access and share sensitive company data. This has made employees’ mobile phones an important gateway for cyber criminals. According to Check Point Research (CPR), almost all companies (97 percent) had been confronted by mobile IT threats from all segments in the last two years, with the download of a file being one of the most overlooked attack paths. For example, CPR found a critical vulnerability in the Instagram app that would have allowed an attacker to take over a victim’s account and turn their phone into a spy tool after simply sending them a malicious image file.
Harmony Mobile’s new file protection uses Check Point’s Threat Cloud to scan downloaded files for malicious intent. If such an intention is found, the download will be completely blocked, so the malicious file will never get to the device. On Android devices, Harmony Mobile can also check files in the device’s memory and alerts both the user and the administrator if a malicious file has been found. The user is prompted to delete the file, and the administrator can restrict the device’s access to corporate networks.

As part of Check Point’s efforts to improve mobile security, the new Harmony Mobile Release 4.0 also includes integration with Samsung Knox for unique anti-damage features, namely OS CVE Assessment. This helps administrators understand and fix the vulnerabilities in the company’s mobile fleet, automates certificate distributions for simplified management, and much more.

Rafi Kretchmer, VP of Product Marketing at Check Point

Rafi Kretchmer, VP of Product Marketing at Check Point Software Technologies, comments: “Most mobile security solutions on the market can only scan files related to the mobile operating system, such as apps and iOS profiles. However, this does not protect the mobile phone from other fraudulent file types, such as executable files, MS Office files, PDFs and more. As we are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting them. Therefore, it had never been so important to introduce a robust security solution for mobile phones that protects against all kinds of malicious files.“
Check Point Harmony Mobile Release 4.0 is now available for new and existing customers.

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