Chinese hacker group targets US governments

Streaming-Dienste wieder verstärkt im Visier von Cyberkriminellen

A Chinese government-backed hacker group has been infiltrating local government agencies in at least six US states over the past ten months, continuously collecting information. Of particular concern is that, due to the immense amount of resources at their disposal, it was possible for state actors to infiltrate two states via the Internet by exploiting Log4j vulnerabilities – just a few hours after warnings from the US Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency CISA.

According to the findings of the Qualys security research team, many companies have quickly patched or mitigated the Log4j vulnerability in their environments – including a global Fortune 50 customer from the manufacturing industry, who fixed the vulnerability within a few days to keep their servers online. However, recent data from the Qualys Cloud platform shows that 30 percent of Log4j instances are still vulnerable to attacks. Companies that continue to leave this vulnerability unpatched do not take the wake-up calls from China and other attackers seriously. It is crucial that leaders and decision-makers begin to prioritize preventive actions and efforts that have little or no cost.

The incident is also a crucial turning point in the public and private sectors and reminds him that, in addition to the current focus on Russia and Ukraine, there are still other threats that need to be closely monitored.

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