Chrome 96 is here: these are the new features

Chrome 96 is here: these are the new features

Bug fixes, 25 fixed vulnerabilities and some new features for the PC and Android versions. This is new. […]

Google has released Chrome 96 for desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux). The version is also being rolled out for Android smartphones these days. In addition to 25 closed vulnerabilities and some bug fixes, Chrome 96.0.4664.45 also has new features in its luggage.

Back and forth cache

New in the PC version, for example, is an improved use of the back and forward buttons. The recently accessed URLs are automatically saved in a new cache. This saves time when switching back and forth between websites.

Improvements for Progressive Web apps

With the update, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can register for URL handlers in the operating system. If it works, a URL is no longer opened via browser, but in the PWA installed for it. “Android Police” cites the Twitter PWA as an example, which should be opened more reliably and no longer in the browser.

New features for Android devices

A new zoomslider is coming soon for Android devices. So far, you zoom in on content with the two-finger gesture, soon a manually adjustable zoom by plus / minus sign or text enlargement by slider will be enabled in the notification area, as reported by “Android Police”.). This feature is not yet available on the editor’s Android 10 smartphone.

For dark mode fans: On Android, there is now a way to set the dark mode for each individual page. According to the report, there is a new entry for this in the context menu, which only applies to the currently open website.

You can test this with the flag #darken-websites-checkbox-in-themes-setting, which you have to activate manually under chrome://flags.

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