Chrome 97 closes 37 vulnerabilities

Chrome 97 closes 37 vulnerabilities

Google classifies one vulnerability as critical, for others the risk is assessed as high. […]

Google has released Chrome 97 for desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux). In version 97.0.4692.71, the developers have patched 37 vulnerabilities, one of which Google classifies as critical (CVE-2022-0096). For ten vulnerabilities, the risk is classified as high, for another ten as medium.

Google lists 24 vulnerabilities reported by external parties in the Chrome release blog entry, but no details are given about the remaining 13. Google has been slow to provide details. Among other things, the release states: “Access to error details and links can be restricted until a majority of users have been updated with a correction.” Although Google does not say whether the critical gap is already being exploited, it makes sense to quickly check whether your Chrome version has already been updated.

How to update Chrome manually

Most browsers update automatically by default. To manually initiate the update, click on the three-dot icon, go to Help, and there you select About Google Chrome.

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