CIO Robin Johnson: Munich Re unifies global IT operations

CIO Robin Johnson: Munich Re unifies global IT operations

Munich-based Reinsurance wants to use a hybrid multi-cloud approach to manage its workloads more easily and flexibly worldwide. […]

Munich Re expects more performance, flexibility and security for data-intensive workloads from its new multi-cloud strategy. Together with Dell Technologies and VMware, the reinsurer wants to create a uniform approach to global IT operations. In addition, compliance requirements are to be met more easily and IT costs are to be reduced.

The multi-cloud architecture is based on the Azure VMware Solution. This is a private cloud based on Dell and VMware, which is part of Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering. With it, companies can migrate their VMware workloads from the data center to the Azure cloud, where they can run and manage them natively. Munich Re wants to offer its customers a better user experience through a uniform IT infrastructure that consolidates all of the insurer’s global data centers into three nodes.

Munich Re’s private cloud is based on hyperconverged infrastructure systems from Dell VxRail with VMware Cloud Foundation software. In addition, Munich Re uses VMware vRealize Cloud Management and VMware NSX to manage the cloud environments. In this way, security policies are also to be implemented that follow the workloads to where they are moved.

“With Dell Technologies and VMware, we are creating a consistent cloud operating model to standardize our infrastructure and intelligently increase the performance, stability and resiliency of our environment,” says Robin Johnson, CIO at Munich Re. The multi-cloud infrastructure should optimize the daily business processes by using the appropriate cloud for each application and each use case.

Munich Re is headquartered in Munich and is considered the largest reinsurer in the world. The Ergo Group is also part of the Company and operates the primary insurance business. In 2020, the company employed 39,642 people and generated gross contributions of 54.89 billion euros.

*Jens Dose is editor of the CIO magazine. In addition to the core topics around CIOs and their projects, he also deals with the role of the CISO and its area of responsibility.

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