Cisco launches Cloud Security Offering

The networking giant Cisco Systems wants to support companies in securing multi-cloud environments and launches corresponding, “cloud-neutral” offers. […]

On the occasion of the cybersecurity event RSA Conference, Cisco Systems has made a number of announcements in the IT security sector and announced its intention to become even more active in the cybersecurity environment. The core element is the “Cisco Security Cloud”, with the help of which companies can secure their IT in various cloud environments without running the risk of being at the mercy of one of the cloud providers for better or worse.

“You can’t be in the connectivity business without also being in the security business,” said Jeetu Patel, executive vice president and General Manager of Security and Collaboration at Cisco, explaining the provider’s increased IT security effort during a virtual press event.

The background for the Cisco Security Cloud is that many companies use several cloud providers. In order not to be dependent on one of the cloud providers for the protection of the data and computing clouds, one has taken care to remain “cloud-neutral” in its own offer, Patel explains. This is also an advantage for IT security managers, as they can monitor and administer the environment with a uniform interface, according to the Cisco Security representative.

Secure access with Wifi fingerprint

Cisco is committed to a zero trust approach to monitoring the cloud environment. Solutions are planned that enable continuously trustworthy access by constantly checking user and device identity, device health, vulnerabilities and compromise indicators. According to Cisco, these intelligent checks take place in the background and allow the user to work without security getting in the way.

For example, Cisco is introducing less intrusive methods for risk-based authentication, including the patent-pending Wi-Fi fingerprint. As Patel explained, the list of Wi-Fi hotspots that are available at a certain location is analyzed. These can be used to determine the user’s location without using procedures that are more invasive, Patel said. Depending on the location, additional precautions could then be taken to access the company’s IT in the cloud.

Even if the user is connected, the session is constantly monitored. In this method, sailing under the name “Session Trust Analysis”, access to company resources is cut off as soon as anomalies are detected. For example, if the firewall is turned off, active connections to the online storage or the video conferencing tool are interrupted. In this context, Cisco presented the first integration of this technology with a demo of Cisco Secure Access together with the Cisco Duo conference solution and the cloud storage Box.

Safe at the edges

In addition, the networking giant has presented “Cisco+ Secure Connect Now”. According to the provider, this is a unified SASE solution (Secure Access Service Edge), which is available as a turnkey offer in several countries. It is designed to enable customers to quickly deploy SASE and simplify day-to-day operations through a cloud-managed platform.

Finally, Cisco customers should be able to use the educational work provided by the subsidiary Talos about the current cybersecurity events in a more targeted manner. With the newly launched “Talos Intel On-Demand” service, IT security managers could receive specific warnings tailored to their own company, it said.

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