Cloud for Sustainability will be available from June 1

According to Microsoft, the Cloud for Sustainability will be generally available from June 1, 2022. […]

With the new cloud solution, companies should be able to record, analyze and manage their greenhouse gas emissions along their entire value chain. The basis for these comprehensive evaluations of the emissions balance is provided by IoT data from device sensors, which are combined with powerful applications at the edge or in the cloud.

With the new Microsoft Sustainability Manager, companies can record them and document and reduce their environmental impact. The big advantage of this, according to Microsoft: The expandable solution of the Cloud for Sustainability centralizes previously scattered environmental data in a common data format.

More information about the general availability of the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and the associated partner solutions for various industries can be found in this blog post.

*Bernhard Lauer is, among other things, a freelance editor of dotnetpro and manages the Basic Instinct section here, for example. He has been programming privately with Visual Basic since version 1.0.

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