Conga Introduces Updates to Revenue Lifecycle Management Solution

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New features for increased sales and better customer experience

Conga, the world’s leading provider of scalable solutions for revenue lifecycle management, today announced enhancements to its solutions. The features are specifically designed to help companies increase revenue opportunities across the entire lifecycle and provide a faster and smarter customer experience with the help of AI.

APIs for a seamless customer experience

The updates include complete application programming interfaces (APIs) for the Conga Composer and Conga Sign solutions. These APIs allow users to integrate data from a variety of sources to generate documents and create electronic signatures. Customers can now use Conga’s solutions with data from any customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, databases or enterprise solutions to create an automated and seamless business process. The updates are in line with Conga’s API-first strategy, which enables customers, partners and other software companies to take full advantage of the performance of Conga solutions in their processes and applications.

In addition to the flexibility in deployment, the new APIs of Conga Sign also offer a significant expansion of the eSignature functions. These include support for advanced and qualified electronic signatures for use cases with high compliance requirements, stricter authentication methods for signers, ranging from one-time passcodes to state ID verification with face matching, as well as complete white labeling for companies that need to expand brand control across their customer touchpoints.

New AI and ML functions for more security and accuracy in contracts

Conga has added artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to its contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions. Conga Contract Intelligence, which emerged from the acquisition of Contract Wrangler in 2021, is now fully integrated into Conga’s CLM solutions. These updates make it possible to gain a decisive insight into the terms of contracts, with first-class intelligence and the inclusion of third-party documents to extract terms and clauses from all contracts and thus better manage opportunities and obligations.

Real-time collaboration features in Conga CLM

In addition, Conga announced new real-time collaboration capabilities for Conga CLM with Microsoft 365 support for redlining contracts and real-time collaboration, which provide the following benefits to companies of any size:

  • A better solution for parallel testing. This allows contracts to be revised simultaneously and in real time. This avoids sending emails back and forth at the same time during the verification process
  • More agility and transparency in contract negotiations as well as faster implementation
  • Extensive cooperation with internal and external parties

Increased performance and scaling for Conga CPQ

The updates also include major enhancements to Conga CPQ to improve sales efficiency, increase the volume of business deals through targeted product recommendations, and provide a better customer experience. This allows the processing of up to 10,000 price lines in a single offer.

About Conga

Conga’s Revenue Lifecycle Management transforms individual complex processes for the configuration, execution, fulfillment and contract renewal of orders into a single data model with critical insights. This data model adapts to the ever-changing business requirements and coordinates the efforts of all teams to optimize revenue generation.
Our approach is based on the Conga Way, a framework of entrepreneurship and shared performance that supports our more than 11,000 customers in eliminating complexity in an increasingly complex world.

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