Creating 3D games in Roblox Studio – free video tutorials

Обложка: Создание 3D-игр в Roblox Studio для детей и подростков — бесплатные видеоуроки

Roblox is a platform where you can upload a 3D game created in a special program – Roblox Studio. Here, even children from 8-9 years old can model 3D objects, create game universes, and learn to write scripts in Lua— a simple and easily digestible programming language.

We have put together a series of video tutorials that will introduce children to game development in Roblox Studio and programming in Lua. Short step-by-step lessons are designed for novice developers and will be useful for children and teenagers: first we will learn the interface of the program and the basics of the Lua language, and then we will create games of different genres. Try to dig into Roblox and make your first games with this playlist.

Lesson 0. Downloading and installing Roblox Studio

First, let’s install Roblox and Roblox Studio on your computer. Detailed instructions in the video.

Lesson 1. Creating the first map in Roblox Studio

We will start the learning process by analyzing the program interface, and at the same time we will try to create the first game map.

Lesson 2. Lua basics, the first steps in creating a game

In this lesson, we will look at how to create a script in Lua. And also consider the features of this language, let’s try to make a small program. In addition, we will learn how to make a hero spawn and create a mini-game in the shooter genre (shooting games).

Lesson 3. Creating levels, cycles

We will continue to study the Lua programming language and write scripts, get acquainted with the concept of loops. And also we will analyze in detail the topic of adding levels to the game, try to create a project like the popular LineRunner.

Lesson 4. Creating the first level of the Obby game

In this video we will get acquainted with the concepts of conditions and functions in programming. In the process, we will create a game in the genre of Obby – a project with an obstacle course. And we will add several levels to it.

Lesson 5. Creating dialogs in Roblox

In this lesson, we will build dialogues. To implement them, we need to add a few minor characters to our “platformer”.

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Lesson 6. GUI Components in Roblox Studio

In simple words, GUI are auxiliary components, thanks to which we can make an interface. In this video tutorial, we will create a game menu using the GUI.

Lesson 7. Creating a 3D game Capture the Flag

Let’s learn how to create teams for our games. For the Capture the Flag project, we will add 4 teams, they will have to go through an obstacle course and get to the top first. During the game, the teams will interfere with each other.

Lesson 8. We continue to create the Capture the Flag game

Lesson 9. Repetition of the material

We summarize the studied material, reinforce knowledge by creating a simple, but extensive new game.

This completes the lessons on Roblox Studio and Lua programming for beginners, now you can do all the most basic things!

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