CrowdStrike expands the CrowdXDR Alliance with other important partners

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CrowdXDR Alliance

Cloudflare, Armis and ThreatWarrior are the latest partners

CrowdStrike Inc., a leading security provider of cloud-based endpoint and workload protection, today announced the expansion of the CrowdXDR Alliance to include important strategic partners in the areas of identity, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and network. The goal of the new partnerships is to create deep integration opportunities that support the industry’s most comprehensive security telemetry and provide comprehensive insights. These enable customers to identify and combat threats more quickly and on a larger scale, as well as increase productivity while solving the problem of lack of security expertise that most companies face.

With the help of the security telemetry of the technology partners Cloudflare, Armis and ThreatWarrior, threats can be detected and combated quickly and effectively

The CrowdXDR Alliance, which will be at Fal for the first time.Con 2021 brings together integrated best-of-breed solutions to offer industry-leading extended detection and Response (XDR) with comprehensive visibility, protection and control across all business units. Together with the CrowdStrike partners, the CrowdXDR Alliance is creating a standardized scheme for the sharing and exchange of data. The goal is to enrich endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) data with the most relevant, vendor-specific security telemetries, creating the fastest and most effective threat detection and response capabilities that are widely correlated with security telemetries from a wide variety of first- and third-party sources across the technology ecosystem.

“The strength of the CrowdXDR Alliance lies in the willingness of all our partners to exchange open and uniform data across technologies, to further enrich the EDR data and to close the gaps in existing legacy and next-gen tools in the areas of investigation, threat hunting and response capabilities. We have introduced this community-based approach to further expand the partnership and provide our customers with a holistic and simpler view of threats across the entire technology landscape so that they can act quickly and accurately,” says Michael Sentonas, Chief Technology Officer at CrowdStrike . “With the CrowdXDR Alliance, CrowdStrike is defining the standard for what XDR technology should be.“

Cloudflare, Armis and ThreatWarrior are the latest partners to join the CrowdXDR Alliance. These industry giants are thus joining previously announced CrowdXDR Alliance partners such as Google Cloud, Okta, ServiceNow, Zscaler, Netskope, Proofpoint, Extrahop, Mimecast, Claroty and Corelight. CrowdStrike and the partners of the CrowdXDR Alliance have set themselves the following goals:

Increased productivity with higher speed and scaling

Security teams are inundated with alerts and false alarms. Threat telemetry, collected from a wide range of sources across multiple technologies and domains, will enable security teams to identify and detect threats more quickly and on a larger scale.

Extended visibility and control across all environments

The deep technological integrations will drive a standardized, common data schema to create an out-of-the-box integrated XDR solution that enables real-time detection and threat hunting across all domains and extends comprehensive visibility, protection and control across all environments.

Increase in the value of existing investments

The CrowdXDR Alliance will deliver powerful and relevant insights by leveraging data sources across identity, network, cloud and IoT solutions to extend the power of EDR beyond endpoints and increase the value of your existing security investments.

Partner Quotes:

Cloud Security:

John Graham-Cumming, Chief Technology Officer at Cloudflare: “In order to defend against today’s threats, you have to monitor every request of every user via every device in the decentralized corporate network. Cloudflare’s global network spans more than 250 cities in over 100 countries and blocks an average of 76 billion cyber threats every day. This gives customers unparalleled insights and helps security teams better protect their business. By joining the CrowdXDR Alliance, we will be able to combine Cloudflare’s global network with CrowdStrike’s leading endpoint protection to help our joint customers stop cyberattacks anywhere on their network.“


Nadir Izrael, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Armis: “The lack of visibility of unmanaged assets represents a significant gap in the security strategy. We are excited to join the CrowdXDR Alliance to provide unmatched transparency and security. Through our integration, which combines device data from Falcon sensors with the device data collected by Armis, we are able to provide a comprehensive overview of all managed and unmanaged assets in the customer’s environment.“

Network Detection and Response:

Rob Lancaster, Senior vice President of Product Management at ThreatWarrior: “Cybersecurity teams face a growing number of challenges as attackers become more sophisticated. You need complete visibility into network activity and real-time threat data to combat these malicious threats. We are proud to partner with CrowdStrike to extend detection and response capabilities to any infrastructure and provide customers with the tools they need to stop threats faster.“

Forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve numerous assumptions, risks and uncertainties, including statements about the benefits of the CrowdXDR Alliance. You should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, as actual results may differ materially from those anticipated or implied by these forward-looking statements due to such assumptions, risks and uncertainties. All forward-looking statements in this press release are based on information available to us at the time of publication, and we assume no obligation to update the forward-looking statements provided to reflect events or circumstances that occur after the date on which they were made. Information about new products, features and functions, including our expectations regarding development, release and schedule, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered reliable.

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