CrowdStrike Extends Zero Trust Support to macOS and Linux

Vectra AI hofft auf Lerneffekt nach Kaseya-Ransomware-Angriff

Zero Trust

Falcon with cross-platform protection

CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA supports companies in implementing a holistic cybersecurity approach with the aim of protecting data and users from attacks on the supply chain, ransomware and wormable exploits.

CrowdStrike Inc., a leading security provider of cloud-based protection of end devices, workloads, identities and data, announced that Zero Trust Assessment is now also available for macOS and Linux. CrowdStrike is thus extending its comprehensive protection to all platforms with an identity- and data-centric approach. In addition, CrowdStrike announced new Zero Trust partner integrations with Airgap, Appgate, CyberArk, TruU and Twingate, all of which will use CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) to help joint customers reduce their attack surface and simplify, support and accelerate their zero Trust journey. CrowdStrike is thus expanding its Zero Trust Security partner ecosystem, which already includes Akamai, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Netskope, Okta and Zscaler.

CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA extends Zero Trust beyond authentication, enabling the detection, alerting and enforcement of risk-based access policies driven by device health and compliance checks. With the new support for macOS and Linux, CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA offers insight into all devices, on all operating platforms in a company. CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA monitors more than 120 different device settings – including the sensor status, the applied CrowdStrike policies and the native security settings of the operating system – and provides key partners with a risk assessment that allows them to create powerful and granular security policies. Customers receive action-oriented reports via the CrowdStrike Falcon console and APIs to ensure that the highest level of device security is ensured.

“Companies have recognized the importance of zero Trust, but are struggling to implement it on a broad front in heterogeneous environments and at the same time use the existing security investments. We see an enormous opportunity in automatically sharing endpoint risk analyses with partners in real time to eliminate manual workflows, reduce friction losses and maintain a holistic cybersecurity approach with solutions that meet their individual needs,” says Amol Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer at CrowdStrike . “By leveraging the power of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform with additional operating system support, customers can simplify their zero Trust implementation across their enterprise.“

CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA works with best-of-breed platforms to provide customers with a wide range of options that can be tightly integrated into their existing security system and ensure a continuous and dynamic assessment of device status regardless of location, network and user. The latest partner integrations with CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA are natively available in the partner products to optimize operations and simplify management:

  • BeyondCorp Enterprise from Google Cloud to provide real-time protection from untrusted or compromised hosts. This integration enables access policies and access decisions based on a health assessment and provides comprehensive protection for data, applications and cloud resources, reducing the risk to businesses and users.
  • Netskope to exchange threat telemetry data, including IOCs, between the cloud and endpoints and to support malware detection with improved, actionable real-time threat forensics.
  • Okta to combine the insights from user and device status to assess login risks and provide real-time transparency to teams so they can make reliable access decisions.

Thanks to the continuous expansion of the CrowdStrike Zero Trust Partner ecosystem, seamless integrations can be made that reduce complexity and vulnerability by giving customers the flexibility to better set alerts or block access to data at the device, IP or application level, as well as manage firewall policies and dynamically adjust access permissions based on threat assessments.

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