Cyber War: Vectra AI offers free help to organizations

Streaming-Dienste wieder verstärkt im Visier von Cyberkriminellen

Vectra AI offers free cybersecurity services to organizations

Vectra AI, a leading security provider of AI-based threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises, today responded to the growing Ukraine–Russia conflict. For example, Vectra offers a range of free cybersecurity tools and services to companies that fear that they could become a target as a result of this conflict.

In the midst of the crisis, the cybersecurity specialist offers free resources for affected companies

Hitesh Sheth, President and CEO of Vectra AI

In recent days, websites and ATMs of banks as well as computer networks of the military have been crippled by cyber attacks. Disinformation campaigns designed to foment panic spread across mobile networks.

“The escalation of cyber conflicts will lead to unforeseen consequences,” explains Hitesh Sheth, President and CEO of Vectra AI . “No public or private organization can be sure that it will remain just a spectator.“

The company is actively tracking new attack indicators related to the conflict in Ukraine and Russia, as well as other conflicts around the world.

For immediate support in the current emergency situation, Vectra AI offers the following services free of charge:

  • Scan Microsoft Azure AD and M365 environments for signs of attack activity.
  • Monitoring the AWS infrastructure for signs of active attacks, in addition to providing detection and response tools for both the network and the control layer of AWS accounts.
  • Monitoring network infrastructure both in the cloud and on-premises environments for signs of attacks, including deploying Vectra sensors specifically designed to detect criminal behavior patterns.
  • Support the storage of historical metadata to support incident response investigations based on compromise indicators (IOCs) for specific attack variants.

Attacks previously attributed to Russian actors are known to disrupt the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud and gain access to important information. With the acquisition of Siriux, Vectra AI is able to immediately detect criminal activities in Microsoft Azure Active Directory that could lead to the compromise of Exchange Online mailboxes. Vectra AI will also offer a free Siriux scan for institutions and companies that believe they could be the target of an attack.

“As the conflict escalates and cyber risks increase, Vectra AI wants to be part of the solution,” Sheth said. “We believe that together we can significantly reduce the risks associated with cyber attacks by nation states. By offering our products and services for free in this crisis, we hope that we can help more organizations protect themselves.“

Further information and instructions for use can be found on the Vectra AI website or in the current blog entitled “Russian Wiper Malware is Novel – Protecting Against it Need Not Be “.

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